Professional Expenses Fund


Guidelines for Clause IV.12.1 of the Collective Agreement between the Board of Governors, Trent University, and the Trent University Faculty Association.

All members of the bargaining unit shall be eligible to receive the Professional Expenses Fund of $1,200 per annum (July 1 to June 30). Professional Expenses Fund entitlements shall be appropriately pro-rated in the case of limited term appointments which have terms of less than one year or duties and responsibilities that are less than full-time.

The criteria applicable for expenses under the professional expenses fund shall be those established by Trent University’s Finance Department (Purchasing and Accounts Payable) and be in accordance with the purchase of books, periodicals and other materials required to fulfil the duties assigned members in IV.1.1 (ii) and IV.1.2 (iv) (a) and/or (b) of the Agreement; and expenses incurred in publishing scholarly research.

Attendance at conference must be supported by notice of conference indicating location and dates. Trips to libraries, laboratories etc. must be fully described: location, date and reason for visit.

Any materials remaining after use by the member for purposes of research (i.e. purchases of equipment) will become the property of the University (see claim form)

In the case of members whose appointments are scheduled to terminate on or prior to June 30th of any year, such members are expected to submit a final claim no later than the terminal date of the appointment. Any funds remaining at July 1 will be allocated to the Dean’s Contingency Fund.

Upon resignation or termination of appointment, any equipment and/or furniture purchased through the Trent University fund will become the property of the University. Any funds remaining at that time will be reallocated.

For members whose appointments are ongoing into the subsequent academic year, on each June 30, unspent portions will be carried over to the next academic year, provided that the total on July 1 of any year will not exceed the sum of professional expenses and flexible benefits made available from the immediately-preceding three (3) years.  Balances exceeding this amount on July 1 will have the excess permanently removed therefrom. 

A claim must be made on a Professional Expenses Fund form and must be clearly signed and dated by the member submitting the claim.

All claims must be forwarded for payment processing to the Office of the Dean of Arts and Science.

Each claim must be supported by original receipts or original evidence of payment, and these documents will not be returned to the member. Expenses must have been incurred and paid for within the last two academic years.

A maximum of three claims may be made during the academic year, July 1 to June 30, for expenses incurred and payment made within the last two academic years prior to the date claimed. Members will be advised twice a year as to the status of their Professional Expenses Fund.

Mileage – all travel claims for automobile mileage will be reimbursed at the rated of $0.43 per km (Prior to January 1, 2016 - use 0.40 per km).

Meals – costs up to the following amounts do not require submission of receipts.
Breakfast $ 10.00
Lunch $ 12.00
Dinner $ 23.00
Per Day $ 50.00

- parking meter charges, tolls, reasonable gratuities, valet parking, cab and bus fares.
- $10.00 per day will be reimbursed without receipt.

Payment of claims under the Professional Expenses Fund shall not be reported by the University as income for the individual member concerned. Therefore, expenditures incurred under this provision for the Professional Expenses Fund are not valid deductions from the member's income for taxation purposes

Any questions or concerns regarding the start up funds should be directed toward Barbara Hamilton, Office of the Dean of Arts and Science, 748-1243.