Teaching Support



In accordance with the terms of the TUFA Collective Agreement, there is an Annual Teaching Support Fund allocated for marking assistance for courses taught on-load by TUFA members, including for courses taught on-load by TUFA members holding full time appointments at Trent in Oshawa. This fund is available to all members upon application using the appropriate forms. Support from the Annual Teaching Support Fund is not available for courses taught on overload.

Appeals of the Dean's or a Department/Program Chair's allocation decisions, including denials, shall be heard by the Vice-President (Academic).



Teaching Support Fund Application Forms are emailed to all TUFA members annually. Requests are made by completing the form and forwarding it by the departmental deadline to the department/program chair, who shall submit the application to the Dean of Arts and Science on behalf of the department/program.

There shall be an Annual Teaching Support Fund with a total allocation of $6.50 per student-course based on the University's total estimated undergraduate enrolment in the current academic year.  The Teaching Support Fund shall be used to provide Departments/Programs and TUFA members with marking assistance and teaching support.  Support from the Fund is not available for courses taught on overload. There shall be two (2) competitions, one in October and one in January.  Distribution between the two competitions will be according to the previous year’s enrolment, plus any surplus from the first competition.  Applications will be made by individual members to the Department/program Chair, who will submit a consolidated request to the Dean on behalf of the Department/program.  The Chair shall be responsible for distributing amongst members of his/her Department/Program the amounts allocated by the Dean. Appeals of the Dean’s or a Department/program Chair's allocation decisions, including denials, shall be heard by the Provost and Vice President Academic.

All requests will be considered immediately following the deadlines and may be pro-rated if sufficient funds are not available to meet all needs.

It is important to note that no request may exceed 30% of the total marking component that each faculty member is responsible for across all his/her courses, that is, exclusive of any marking done by graduate teaching assistants, lab demonstrators, or tutorial leaders.


a) Student Markers/Academic Assistants (CUPE2)

  • Once approval has been granted for departments to hire undergraduate student academic assistants and/or markers, postings should be displayed in the departmental office and be put on departmental web pages.
  • Students should be instructed to place their names on a list in the departmental office and to provide an up-to-date CV or academic transcript and an indication of which course(s) they would like to be academic assistants and/or mark in.
  • Graduate students with a full GTA can be hired to mark an additional 30 hours on top of their 240 hours/year. The same procedures that apply to hiring undergraduate academic assistants and markers apply to hiring GTAs to mark, where that marking is above their normal 240 hours/year.
  • Faculty members are emailed CUPE Unit 2 Employment Record and TD1 forms for their undergraduate student marker/academic assistant. Completed forms (with faculty and student signatures), along with a voided cheque, are to be returned to the Dean’s Office.

b) CUPE1 markers

  • Once a CUPE1 marking position has been approved, a CUPE posting (available on the Dean’s Office web site) should be e-mailed to Marie Anderson in the Dean’s Office. The posting should specify for which course the marker is required, the duration of the course, the necessary qualifications for the position, the number of marking hours associated with the position, the hourly rate, how to apply for the position, and the closing date of the competition.
  • CUPE1 marking positions will be posted on the Dean’s Office website. Any other posting or distribution of the ad is the responsibility of the department.
  • There are no Rights of First Refusal for marking positions.
  • The Chair of the personnel committee recommends a candidate to the Dean using the form available on the Dean’s Office web site. Recommendations by the Chair to the Dean should be accompanied by an up-to-date CV of the candidate being recommended.
  • The Dean will send out a letter of offer to the candidate and two TD1 forms, which need to be completed and returned to the Dean’s Office, along with the part-time acceptance form.



Once the marker or academic assistant has accepted the offer and completed the paper work, the Dean’s Office will forward the paper work to Human Resources (for CUPE1 employees) and the Payroll Office (for all markers and academic assistants). The Payroll Office will, in turn, issue bi-weekly timesheets. Timesheets will be sent to the Departmental office indicated on the Employment Record Form (for CUPE2 employees) or the Acceptance Form (for CUPE1 employees). All earnings will be directly deposited in the student marker/academic assistant’s or CUPE1 member’s bank account.

Completed bi-weekly timesheets require the following information and signatures:

  • Department/Course NumberNumber of hours worked, specifed by dateSignature of student marker/academic assistantSignature of supervisor
  • Signature of the Dean's designate

The Office of the Dean of Arts and Science will be responsible for forwarding all completed timesheets to the Payroll Office.

Payroll policy will not permit any timesheet to be processed without all three of the above mentioned signatures appearing on the timesheet.

NOTE: Students need a Social Insurance Number and/or a valid Work Permit in order to be hired as a student marker/academic assistant. Applications for a Social Insurance Number may be obtained from and submitted to Employment and Immigration Canada (205 King Street, Peterborough). Upon approval of the application, a social insurance number will be issued. A note from the student's supervisor stating the nature of the work and dates will be required.

See Article 17 of the current CUPE Local 3908 (Unit 2) Collective Agreement for definitions of Academic Assistant and Student Marker.

See 5.04.05 and 5.04.04 of the current CUPE Local 3908 (Unit 1) Collective Agreement for the definitions of Marker/Grader and Lab Demonstrator.

December 2013