Professors Librarians Emeriti Appointment

Approved by: Senate March 2013 Issued by: Office of the Dean Date: March 2013



The honorific title 'Emeritus' is available to retiring members of the Trent University Faculty Association - faculty and librarians - when eligible individuals take full retirement from the University. Faculty receiving the honorific title 'Emeritus' will have reached the rank of Full Professor, and professional librarians will have reached Librarian IV, at the point of full retirement.

Faculty who hold the rank of Associate Professor, and professional librarians who have reached Librarian III, with ten or more years of service, may request to the Office of the Provost to be granted the honorific title ‘Associate Professor Emeritus’ or ‘Librarian Emeritus’ at the point of full retirement. When considering the request, the Provost shall consult with COAP and the appropriate Dean or Librarian.

The University will use a suitable public occasion each year to recognize and honour all new Professors and Librarians Emeriti.

Professors, Associate Professors and Librarians Emeriti are eligible for the following privileges:

a) honorary college fellowship
b) full use of library facilities and resources
c) free parking (i.e. a free 'red' sticker)
d) wherever possible, a small office or laboratory facility, if so requested by the professor or librarian emeritus, and
e) the right to apply and be considered for Trent University research funds and travel grants.

The University hopes that emeriti will volunteer to help and advise students and fellow faculty or librarians in an informal, unstructured way. The privileges listed in this policy are unchanged from the privileges in the April 9, 1996 Senate policy.

Under the current TUFA agreement all retirees are entitled to the privileges provided under Senate's April 9, 1996 "Professors Emeriti" policy.

Emeritus Professors, Associate Professors and Librarians will be expected to adhere to university policies and practices.

Revised March 2013