Curriculum Vitae


Personnel files for TUFA and CUPE members will be kept on file in the Dean's Office and the member's Department, as required under IV.17 and 7.17 respectively. Details outlining the documents to be kept on file, and access by the member to his/her file are also outlined in the above-mentioned sections.


Curriculum Vitae:

A member’s personnel file shall contain one copy of the employee’s curriculum vitae as follows: (a) a member shall submit an up-to-date curriculum vitae for inclusion in his/her personnel file during their first year of employment at the University; (b) a member shall submit an updated curriculum vitae at least once every five years thereafter; (c) in addition, a member may submit an updated curriculum vitae at any time they see fit; and (d) the Dean or University Librarian may request an updated curriculum vitae at any time if required for the purposes of external reporting and such requests shall not be unreasonably denied.  A member shall provide their curriculum vitae in the form prescribed by the Dean or the University Librarian.  When an updated curriculum vitae is added to the member’s personnel file, any previous curriculum vitae that is in the file shall be removed and destroyed.

The Dean's Office requires that a full current c.v. accompany each recommendation for a TUFA or CUPE appointee, whether the recommendation is for an initial appointment or for a reappointment.

December, 2013