Each Department/Program has an assigned base operating budget. The Dean reviews each base budget annually and may make adjustments to the base, one time adjustments for specific purposes, or adjustments for inflation.

The Manager, Dean of Arts & Science reviews the monthly statements of each Department/Program in order to alert the Dean and/or Chairs to potential problems.

Department/Program Chairs may apply in writing to the Dean for additional funds for operating budgets during the fiscal year, but such funds are severely limited. The Dean reviews all such requests and may or may not grant the request. Any monies granted in this way are not considered to be additions to the base budget.

At the end of each fiscal year, operating budgets which are over-spent are penalized the full amount of the over-spending. This amount is carried forward as a charge against the next year's operating budget. Departments may request carry forward of under-spent budgets from the Vice-President (Academic). If approved, the amount carried forward must be expended in the next year.

Departmental operating budgets are intended to cover departmental office supplies (including hardware other than the administrative assistant’s and the Chair’s computer) and non-standard furnishings; teaching-related photocopying and printing costs; teaching-related postage and telephone costs; costs of visiting speakers, within the department and in other departments upon request; and other miscellaneous costs in support of the department’s administrative needs and faculty members’ teaching needs. Departmental budgets are not intended to cover faculty members’ research needs. See:  

(especially Section 7 – Guidelines for Reimbursable Expenses) for university policy on eligible expenses.


This fund is used to provide emergency staffing when unexpected enrolment increases and/or faculty illness occur.



This fund is used to provide for the following:

  1. Additions to operating budgets
  2. Additional visiting speaker allocations to Department/Programs
  3. Support for other academic activities in the University for which no regular budgetary provision is available.

All requests for discretionary funds must be made in writing to the Dean. All allocations from discretionary funds are monitored by the Manager, Dean of Arts & Science.

November 2013