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In the Department of Ancient History & Classics, we study primarily the cultures of the traditional “Classical” world, i.e., those of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and put them into the larger context of their predecessors and neighbours, such as the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, the Egyptians, and the Etruscans. We are in the extraordinary position of being able to study these civilizations by drawing upon many different types of evidence – including archaeological, artistic, epigraphic, historical, and literary – to aid us in bringing  these ‘dead’ people back to ‘virtual’ life. Our programmes and offerings are designed to allow students to sample a wide range of different approaches or to focus on one stream in particular:

  • Greek and Roman history
  • Archaeology (Greek, Roman, Aegean Bronze Age, Egyptian)
  • Greek and Roman literature in translation
  • Greek and Latin language


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