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More than Just a Place to Sleep

Trent University is one of the rare universities in Canada to offer a residential experience modeled after Oxford University’s college system.

What does that mean exactly?

We give you the choice of living in one of six “colleges.” Colleges are more than residence halls, they are intellectual and social communities — like distinct neighborhoods — which combine student housing, programs (films, speakers, concerts, dances, dinners and more) dining facilities, faculty offices and classrooms —all in one building.

By organizing the campus this way, we have developed a system that promotes a deep sense of community. Not only will you have the chance to develop close friendships with fellow residents, but you will also get to know the professors and staff members who work and eat in your building.

Bear in mind that each college has its own personality, traditions and sense of spirit, so it is not uncommon for passionate but friendly rivalries to develop.

To start thinking about where you want to live, begin exploring Trent’s colleges here.