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The Trent University Archaeological Research Centre (TUARC) was established in May, 2001, by the University Senate. The Research Centre is dedicated to the investigation and understanding of past cultures through studies of material culture and environmental evidence, analysis of field, laboratory, and archival data, and the education of students and interested community members by courses, publications, and lectures.

TUARC was established with the following objectives:

  • Facilitate the conduct of professional, high calibre archaeological research;
  • Promote interdisciplinary archaeological research at Trent University, and link this with related research elsewhere;
  • Foster international linkages between Trent faculty and students and archaeologists outside Canada;
  • Encourage the study of archaeology by Trent University graduate and undergraduate students;
  • Educate the public to instill a better understanding and appreciation of archaeology and cultural heritage.

TUARC is a unique research institute that manages academic and research facilities for professional archaeologists, researchers, graduate students, and volunteers. We sponsor workshops and special courses on archaeology. Research facilities include specialized laboratories for human osteology, Mesoamerican archaeology, Ontario archaeology, palaeo-DNA studies, South American archaeology, archaeoinformatics (including Geographical Information Systems [GIS], remote sensing, spatial and quantitative analysis) and zooarchaeology. TUARC assists with the publication of the findings of associated scholars, and organizes public lectures on recent archaeological discoveries and advances.

TUARC Sponsored Publications:

Before Ontario: The Archaeology of a Province

Edited by Marit K. Munson and Susan M. Jamieson

McGill-Queen's University Press

Birds From the Ground: The Record of Archaeology in Ontario
Sadler, Douglas C. and Howard G. Savage

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Zooarchaeology of the Ancient Maya Centre of Pacbitun (Belize)

Edited by Paul F. Healy & Kitty F. Emery

Occasional Papers in Anthropology, Trent University

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