Communicating with the Board

The Board of Governors welcomes input from the Trent community and the public. Those wishing to communicate with the Board are invited to do so in writing c/o the Board Secretary who forwards material to the Board. Documents longer than two pages should be provided in quantity (27 copies). Between meetings, material for the Board is accumulated and mailed once a week. Material sent by email will be forwarded to Board members as it is received. Material to be distributed at a meeting of the Board should be received by the Secretary 48 hours before the meeting.

Addressing the Board

Members of the public and the University community may request an opportunity to address an item on the agenda of an open Board meeting. Such requests, in writing, should reach the Secretary not later than 48 hours before the meeting. The Chair of the Board will determine which speakers it will be possible to recognize at an open meeting and will determine the length of time allotted for presentations. Those wishing to address the Board will be notified of the Chair's decision before the meeting. An observer who is recognized to speak will present views on an agenda item.


Matters come to the Board only through its committees, members and the administration of the University.

For further information please contact the University Secretariat.