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On-campus Jobs

Finding an on-campus job is like looking for any kind of job.  The first step is to start with a great resume, tailored to the position. All of the on-campus job postings we receive are posted on the Student Job Board.  It's also important to get to know your professors and keep your eyes open for opportunity.  Networking and talking to Trent faculty and staff is a great way to hear about potential jobs.  Remember to visit the Career Centre and attend our workshops for more info.

» Examples of possible on-campus job opportunities that are organized by skill set

Access the Student Job Board through the Student Experience Portal. 

  • Log in with your myTrent username and password and click on "Student Job Board" in the Dashboard.
  • All job postings received by the Career Centre are posted here.
  • This includes employment after graduation, internship programs, part-time work, volunterer opportunties, on-campus or summer employment.

Questions? Please e-mail


Check out the FAQs for more details.

TWSP - Trent Work Study Program

The Trent Work Study Program provides part-time jobs on-campus for Canadian students in financial need. Jobs may be structured to fit your academic timetable.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements for the Trent Work Study Program, visit the Financial Aid website »


How to Apply to On-Campus TWSP positions:

  • TWSP positions are posted on the Student Job Board.
  • Students can access the Student Job Board via the Student Experience Portal OR via MyTrent > Support > Campus Support > Student and Alumni Job Board.
  • Once in the Student Experience Portal, navigate to the Student Job Board dashboard.
  • Under 'Quick Searches', look for TWSP Peterborough On-Campus positions or TWSP Durham On-Campus positions.
  • Hiring departments will arrange their own interviews. It is up to you to show your proof of eligibility as soon as you are able to.

TIP - Trent International Program Subsidy

The Trent International Program provides subsidies for on-campus part-time jobs for International students. To be eligible, you must have a valid study permit. Positions are posted on the Student Job Board, typically in August/September and have "TIP" written in the job title and described in the job posting. TIP students can also apply to any regular on-campus job (i.e. not TWSP funded).