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Graduate Students

Completing a graduate degree is an important step in your career path.  Whether you are in progress or nearing completion of your degree, spending time considering your career options is a important. The Career Guide will take you through the process of learning more about yourself and your options, present ways to get experience and look for work, and suggest strategies for making choices.

Graduate Student Resources

As a graduate student, you could be looking for work in academia or you may be look for non-academic jobs.  Some parts of the job search and hiring process are unique to academia.  For a comparison of strategies, check out the Your Graduate Degree and Beyond  Tip Sheet.

Depending on whether you are applying for an academic or non-academic job, you will have to submit either a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or a résumé.  For a comparison of the two and more info, check out the CV or Résumé Tip Sheet and The Résumé Tip Sheet.

Check out our External Links page for more relevant links under "Resources for Graduate Students" as well as the Graduate Studies Department website.

Graduate Student Workshops


Our Mission - In collaboration with the entire university, the Trent Career Centre motivates students and alumni in the pursuit of their ambitions, through educating about career and life choices, providing resources, and creating awareness of opportunity.