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Welcome to Canadian Studies

Trent to Host International Conference on the Study of Canada in May 2015

Keynote speakers Maude Barlow, Mary Simon, MiriamToews and Erica Lee already confirmed for Contesting Canada's Future  

Find out more: http://www.trentu.ca/canadaconference2015/


In 2013-14, we celebrated 40 years of Canadian Studies at Trent.  Visit our 40Years page for video recordings of the featured speakers.

Canadian Studies is an interdisciplinary exploration of the concepts and practices of "Canadianness". 

Through a  critical examination of themes such as Sovereignty, Nationalism, Indigeneity, Regionalism, Multiculturalism, Immigration, Labour, and Peacekeeping, as well as by exploring representations of Canada in film, art, and literature, Canadian Studies allows for a greater understanding of the diverse and often contested meanings of the Canadian experience and Canadian citizenship.