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Bike Drive at Trent April 15
April 4, 2007

Your old bike can make a difference!

Two third-year Trent students, Virginia Portmann and Marielle Weeks, are organizing a bike drive at Trent on Sunday, April 15. Used bike donations will be accepted between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Athletic Complex parking lot at the Symons Campus of Trent University. A mandatory $10 monetary donation is required with each bike to supplement shipping costs. Larger donations are also welcome.

The bike drive initiative is designed to collect used bicycles and send them to various communities in 13 developing countries, which span three continents. In the past two years of running this drive, the Trent event has led to the collection of over one hundred bicycles.

According to Ms. Portman and Ms. Weeks, the goals behind the drive are:

  • To promote the independence of low-income people, by enabling them to be more mobile, and increasing career opportunities, augmenting their access to work, education, health care and other services, and facilitating small business development…in other words, helping them to help themselves
  • To raise Canadians' awareness about the reusability of still-functional bicycles and recycling in general, offering an alternative to waste
  • To promote social justice and redistribution of wealth, by giving Canada’s excess bicycles to communities in need
  • To promote green transportation as an vital aspect of sustainable development

To raise the awareness about the positive impact that a small gesture can produce in overseas communities and to promote international cooperation, The bike drive is organized in collaboration with Cycle North-South out of Montreal, an organization that has been running bicycle drives for approximately eight years. For more information, please visit Cycle North-South's website.