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Trent Brings Forensic Training Expertise to California
February 2, 2007

Ashley Byrnes, a lab demonstrator with Trent Universitys forensic science program, was invited to California in early February to share Trents innovative forensic science training program with an international audience during the "HP Technology for Teaching Worldwide Higher Education Conference".

Held in Monterey, California on February 7 and 8, the conference brought together recipients of HPs 2006 Technology for Teaching Grant to meet faculty experts, learn new practices and share ideas involving the use of their technology in educational applications. In 2006, Trent received an $80,000 (CDN) grant from HP which included a set of 21 HP Tablets (laptops with pen-based writing capabilities), and a cash grant to develop software for forensic applications. Representatives of 92 schools from 22 countries attended the two-day event.

During the conference, Ms. Byrnes was able to learn about the latest teaching applications using emerging technologies, while showcasing Trents pioneering work in the field of forensics. "Trents Forensic Science Program is using the tablets not only to improve student learning and to further engage their interest in lab sessions, but also to keep our students on the leading edge by training them in essential forensic database skills that will soon become industry standard," explained Ms. Byrnes.

Ms. Byrnes took part in a poster session presenting how Trent is using the HP Tablets in designing a new laboratory information management system (LIMS) which will allow students to maintain the integrity of evidence by tracking all samples and related notes in a single database. The HP mobile tablet technology and LIMS is used to support forensic-specific courses such as Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic DNA Laboratory Analysis, and Presentation of Forensic Evidence.

Click here to see Trents poster presentation from the conference. For more information about the Forensic Science program, visit the website.