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Trent Student Receives Honourable Mention in National Poetry Contest
January 1, 2007

According to Trent student and budding poet, Jeff Pinkney, "Sometimes, when a line gets into your head, all you can do is write it out." This was exactly what happened for Mr. Pinkney when Prof. Orm Mitchell, one of the instructors of his Studies in Creative Writing course, sent a notice around advertising a poetry contest through Lucid Forge, an online arts and entertainment magazine.

The contest challenged writers to build a poem around the line "and the fiery leaves swirled to a still…" After the line got into Mr. Pinkney’s head, he decided to "write it out" and submitted a poem to the contest. Recently it was announced that his poem, entitled "Eden Off Season", won an honourable mention.

"It is certainly an honour to see my name there, representing Trent University – noting that the others are from universities across the country," Mr. Pinkney said.

Mr. Pinkney is at Trent pursuing a degree in Canadian Studies on a part-time basis as a ma ture student. He also works as a Business Advisor for the Ontario Ministry of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. He and his wife, Peggy, have two daughters.

Reflecting on his time at Trent so far, he says, "I’ve really enjoyed the courses here and I’ve yet to run into a prof who hasn’t inspired me with their subject matter."

Eden Off Season

Moonshine over
Baked Alaska — made
the plastic fruit melt in the bowl

We passed a two litre
bottle of Coca-Cola — while
our gums bled for vitamin C

The tree of knowledge
was sought in dark Eden — we
were burning its branches for light

Beautiful greens ran
to yellows and oranges — and
we couldn't hold anything down

We started to care
and knew it was over — it
was time to get back to our books

So we gave the bottle
one final spin — and
the fiery leaves swirled to a still