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Annual Sheperd Family Lecture at Trent University to Address How the Shift from Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy Will Impact Canada

October 2, 2017

Award-winning author and sustainability strategist to discuss environmental, social and economic impact of oil sands October 3

Award-winning author and sustainability strategist, Chris Turner, will discuss the many impacts of Alberta’s oil sands, and what is next for the region and the country, at the Sheperd Family Lecture on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in Market Hall, with a talk titled, The Global Energy Transition and Canada’s Energy Paradox.

The global economy is undergoing the greatest transformation since the industrial age as it shifts from an energy regime built on fossil fuels to one run by low-carbon energy. This transition underscores the central paradox of Canada's national identity as a resource-driven economy with a population that has placed a high value on environmental stewardship. Mr. Turner has documented this energy transition for more than a decade and will share his analysis of the transition. He will further explain where the energy transition will lead, what Canada's energy future looks like, and how the path to that future will reconfigure the fabric of Canadian society.

"The oil sands are an economic driver in Canada, but their carbon intensity is at odds with our need to dramatically reduce greenhouse gases in the next few decades," said Dr. Stephen Hill, professor in the Trent School of the Environment. "Mr. Turner has a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of this paradox and is a fantastic writer and communicator. We’re really fortunate to have him in Peterborough delivering the Sheperd Family lecture.”

Mr. Turner is the best-selling author of The Leap and The Geography of Hope. His latest novel, The Patch, is an analysis of the impact on the conventional energy economy due to the transition to renewable energy. The Patch will be on sale during the lecture.