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2017 Canadian Society of Soil Science Conference Coming to Trent University

May 12, 2017

Soils and the Environment' theme of upcoming international conference hosted by Trent University

Over 150 participants are expected to dig into the topic of soil and the environment at this year’s Canadian Society of Soil Science (CSSS) Conference, hosted by Trent University on June 10-14, 2017.

The conference aims to bring professionals in the field of soil science together with graduate and undergraduate students in the Trent School of the Environment (TSE) to promote research and training for professionals and students alike studying and working in soil science related disciplines.

Several pre-conference events are also available to participants, including a workshop on the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and local field tours hosted by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, which will highlight local soils and innovative agricultural practices. Trent’s own Market Garden and Experimental Farm will be on display and will showcase student research and the many placement opportunities available within Trent’s Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems program.

“Having such a prestigious event showcased at Trent University is a clear stamp of approval for the excellent work undertaken by faculty and students in the Trent School of the Environment,” said Dr. Shaun Watmough, director of the TSE.

This year’s conference will also welcome Dr. Greg Lawrence from the United States Geological Survey, and Dr. Keith Schilling from the Iowa Geological Survey as plenary speakers and feature sessions led by Trent University’s, Drs. Shaun Watmough, Abbas Sayyad, Catherine Eimers, and Hida Manns. Sessions will cover a range of different topics, including: anthropogenic stressors on forest soils, linkages between agricultural management practices and water quality, and soil nitrogen cycling and management.

“The Canadian Society of Soil Science is extremely proud to partner with Trent University for our 2017 annual meeting,” said Joann Whalen, president of the CSSS. “This event is a major networking opportunity for students and professionals working in soil science within the agricultural, forestry and environmental sectors across Canada. Our national conference is a forum for the younger generation of soil scientists to connect and share ideas about how to sustain our soils to ensure future harvests and safeguard ecosystem services. Travel and communication awards are given to encourage student involvement in soil science research, education and outreach.”

Learn more, or register. The final date to register is May 15, 2017.