Chancellor Tom Jackson Discusses Stress Management with Trent Students

On April 6, 2010, 25 Trent students attended a special workshop on stress management with the University’s new chancellor, Dr. Tom Jackson.

The engaging, end-of-term workshop, led by Dr. Jackson, was designed to help Trent students learn about managing all kinds of life’s stresses. Throughout the interactive session, the group discussed and addressed such topics as: How do you know when you are stressed? How do you know when someone else is stressed? What can you do when you are stressed? What can you do for others? 

Dr. Jackson emphasized the notion of community and ended off the session by reciting his poem on love, the same poem he quoted during his official installation address at the University.

Following the workshop, the group’s input was gathered and documented in a "manifesto" that was then handed back to each participating member during a meet-and-greet and reception with Dr. Jackson.