Trent University Releases Proposed Strategic Mandate Agreement


Highlights excellence in teaching, research, student satisfaction and community service

Friday, October 12, 2012, Peterborough

In the summer of 2012 Glen Murray, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), released a discussion paper titled “Strengthening Ontario’s Centres of Creativity, Innovation and Knowledge”. Shortly afterwards each post-secondary institution was directed to develop a proposed strategic mandate agreement (SMA) to indicate how its activities, current and planned, contribute to the themes in the discussion paper.    
Trent University’s proposed SMA was discussed at the Board of Governors on October 12th and was released to the public as required by the MTCU on the same day. The submission is based on Trent’s existing strategic vision, Integrated Plan and Academic Plan and was developed through consultations with staff, students and faculty.  Building on our strong partnerships with other institutions, consultations with Fleming College, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Durham College and Loyalist College were an important part of the process. Trent’s SMA submission can be accessed here.
The SMA highlights four key strengths of the University: teaching excellence, research, community service and student satisfaction.
Each institution was required to identify three priority objectives. For Trent these are: forming an Interdisciplinary School of the Environment, Sustainability and Enterprise; becoming a Community Catalyst for Shared Prosperity and Innovation; and developing a Collaborative Model for Leadership and Learning in Community Health. These priorities build on Trent's traditional strengths, existing partnerships and the future for post-secondary education outlined in the MTCU discussion paper.
The next steps in the process includes a review of all proposed mandate agreements by HEQCO, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, and then by the MTCU. We expect to receive feedback and direction on implementation of these priorities later in the year.

Philanthropy at Trent

The Board heard from Dr. Suresh Narine, Director of the Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research, Caleb Seguin, holder of a Board of Governors Scholarship and Richard Morgan, Associate Vice President of Development, about the history and potential for philanthropy to achieve Trent's vision. Building on the community philanthropy that established Trent in Peterborough almost fifty years ago, philanthropy has funded student scholarships and awards, new buildings, research, public lectures and endowed chairs. The University launched a new Legacy campaign in September 2012 to encourage 135 new estate gifts.

Update on Academic Plan

Provost Gary Boire updated the Board on implementation of the Academic Plan that was approved in April 2012. Of the 37 recommendations that were to be initiated immediately, 11 are complete and the remainder are underway.

Wenjack Theatre Renovations

The Board approved submission of a grant application to the Federal Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund to assist with renovations to this academic and community space. If successful, renovations will occur next summer and will include new seating, paint and flooring.


For more information please contact: Alison Dresser, government and community relations officer, 705-748-1011 x6180,