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Chancellor Dr. Tom Jackson Engages Audience at Open Dialogue Event

“You don’t have to change the world to make a difference. You only have to change your own world, and change will radiate out from you,” said Dr. Tom Jackson to students on Friday, September 24 at his “An Open Dialogue with the Chancellor” event.

Chancellor Dr. Tom Jackson Engages Audie Touching on themes of redemption, making a difference, taking responsibility for your own actions, and the importance of change in bettering human lives, Dr. Jackson spoke about his own past, and how he was able to overcome drug addiction and homelessness to help others. “It’s addictive, you know. Helping others is cheaper than drugs and has a better high that lasts much longer,” he said.

Dr. Jackson then answered questions from the audience, covering subjects ranging from how he uses his music as a tool to promote social justice to why he chose to become Chancellor of Trent University. “The energy I felt… it was indescribable. Trent has this incredible energy and belief in the future and I couldn’t see myself in any other place,” he said.

“It was really impressive how he opened up to the audience and made himself vulnerable by speaking about the past.” said Ms. Falina Norred, a Trent ESL instructor, who brought her class to Dr. Jackson’s presentation. “I was really impressed by his ability to link events in his own life to greater societal truths.”

Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

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