Glossary: Proxy Server


The proxy server allows us to access restricted resources from off-campus.

The proxy server is a server on the Trent network. When we want to access a resource from a non-Trent IP address, we go to this server, which authenticates us by asking for our Trent username and password. If we login with a current username and password, the proxy server directs us on through to the resource we requested. The resource recognizes the IP address of the proxy server and grants us access.

Most of the urls for restricted online resources include the proxy prefix: "". This is the part of the link that directs us through the proxy server. The url we add on the end is where we're directed after we're authenticated by the proxy server. More information on connecting to resources from off-campus is available on our How do I get access from home? help page.

Sometimes computers can't connect to the proxy server, often because of a firewall or other security measures. If you're having trouble with this, take a look at our Proxy Server Help page.