Student Engagement at Trent University Above Provincial Average


The quality of the student experience at Trent comes through in National Survey of Student Engagement

Tuesday, November 29, 2011, Peterborough

The exceptional teaching and learning environment at Trent University shone through in the recent release of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 2011, with Trent surpassing provincial results in all five survey categories.

Among first-year and senior-year students, Trent showed strong results consistently ahead of the provincial average in the following categories (numbers expressed as mean statistical average):

  • Level of Academic Challenge
    First-Year Trent Students: 53.9 compared with the Ontario average of 51.9
    Senior-Year Trent Students: 60.9 compared with the Ontario average of 56.2
  • Active & Collaborative Learning
    First-Year Trent Students: 37 compared with the Ontario average of 35.7
    Senior-Year Trent Students: 50.1 compared with the Ontario average of 44.7
  • Student-Faculty Interaction
    First-Year Trent Students: 27.1 compared with the Ontario average of 23.2
    Senior-Year Trent Students: 39 compared with the Ontario average of 32.5
  • Enriching Educational Experiences
    First-Year Trent Students: 25 compared with the Ontario average of 24.7
    Senior-Year Trent Students: 35.9 compared with the Ontario average of 34.4
  • Supportive Campus Environment
    First-Year Trent students: 63.9 compared with the Ontario average of 57.2
    Senior-Year Trent Students 60.1 compared with the Ontario average of 52.5

In addition, Trent exceeded the North American average for Level of Academic Challenge and Supportive Campus Environment.

Asked how they would evaluate their entire educational experience at Trent, a total of 88 percent of first-year students and 87 percent of senior-year students surveyed responded excellent or good compared with 82 percent and 77 percent respectively in Ontario and 86 and 85 percent North America-wide.

To the question “If you could start over again, would you go to the same institution you are now attending,” 87 percent of first-year Trent students answered in the affirmative, compared with the average of 85 per cent across Ontario and North America. 82 percent of upper-year students at Trent affirmed their choice as well, compared to 76 percent provincially and 82 percent in North America.

“NSSE results carry weight with students, parents and institutions because they are based on the experiences and opinions of actual current students,” said Dr. Gary Boire, provost and vice-president academic at Trent University. “Trent’s results in this report affirm the University’s well-known strengths for our attention to the individual student, their goals, needs and challenges - in an environment that supports diversity and a deep commitment to the learning experience.”

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) annually collects information at hundreds of four-year colleges and universities across North America about student participation in programs and activities that institutions provide for their learning and personal development.

One of Canada’s top universities, Trent University is renowned for encouraging the dynamic interplay of research, teaching and learning, which enhance and energize each other in the classroom and beyond. The University is consistently recognized nationally for faculty who maintain a high level of innovative research activity and a commitment to the individual student. Trent distinguishes itself by excellence in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences as well as professional and graduate programs. Trent is dedicated to preparing students to make significant contributions to an increasingly complex world by providing them with a distinctive liberal arts, science or professionally- focused education, which is enhanced by global perspectives, experiential learning and interdisciplinary approaches to personal and professional development. Trent’s Peterborough campus boasts award-winning architecture in a breathtaking natural setting on the banks of the Otonabee River, just 90 minutes from downtown Toronto. Together with Trent University Oshawa Thornton Road Campus, Trent draws excellent students from throughout the country and around the world.


For more information, you may contact Dr. Gary Boire, provost and vice-president academic by calling: Marilyn Burns, director, marketing & communications 705-748-1011 x 6184,