Trent University Oshawa Thornton Road Campus Welcomes Royal Ontario Museum Curator to Share Chinese Emperor Discoveries


New Findings of First Chinese Emperor’s Tomb to be Discussed by ROM Curator Dr. Chen Shen Monday, October 4

Thursday, September 30, 2010, Oshawa

Trent University Oshawa Thornton Road Campus is pleased to welcome the public to one of many ongoing free public talks, “Beyond China's Terracotta Army: Recent Discoveries in the First Emperor's (Qui Shihuangdi) Tomb Complex” by Dr. Chen Shenon Monday, October 4 at 2 p.m. at 55 Thornton Road South, Room 125.

 “This is a great time to explore these discoveries with the exhibit currently in place at the ROM,” says lecture series organizer Helen Haines, an anthropology professor at Trent University Oshawa. “Recent research has suggested that there exists a massive underground complex of structures yet to explore in the largest tomb complex in China.”

In 1974, farmers in northern China accidentally unearthed fragments of a terracotta figure - the first evidence of what would turn out to be one of the greatest archaeological finds in history. The terracotta army pits were the treasures of China’s first Emperor, Warrior Emperor Ying Zheng, who built an empire which rivalled that of Rome's, and would prove to be more enduring.

Dr. Chen Shen is the Royal Ontario Museum’s Bishop White Curator of East Asian Archaeology. He is responsible for the development of the ROM's Chinese galleries, exhibitions, and collection management and the author of Anyang and Sanxiindgui: Unveiling the Mysteries of Ancient Chinese Civilization. His choice highlights of the tombs’ offerings include an elaborate gold bridle fitting and a bronze ritual vessel describing the history of a noble family that served the Kings of Zhou in 8th century BC.

Beyond China's Terracotta Army: Recent Discoveries in the First Emperor's Tomb by ROM curator’s Dr. Chen Shen is one of many free public talks planned to welcome the community into Trent University Oshawa Thornton Road Campus.

“I started this lecture series with the idea of giving Oshawa students the chance to participate in events similar to those of their Peterborough peers,” explains Professor Haines.

Free public events, lectures, concerts and talks continue to be part of Trent University Oshawa experience at the new Thornton Road campus.


For more information, please contact: Helen Haines, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Trent University Oshawa, Thornton Road Campus (905) 435-5100,