Trent University Students Create New Premedical Society


New student group offers support and resources for students interested in continuing on to medical school

Monday, April 12, 2010, Peterborough

Two Trent University students have joined forces to create a new premedical society in order to provide a supportive network for students interested in continuing on to medical school.

“It’s so important to stress that the intention of our society is to be anything but competitive. This student society will offer study support, information sharing and a shoulder to lean on,” says second-year forensic science and biology student Marieanne Tavakoli, who co-created the society along with first-year philosophy student Raphaelle Koerber.

Providing support for students going through the application process to medical school, the Trent Premedical Society will also aim to provide resources and information, as well as motivation and encouragement by hosting guest speakers. The society will be multi-tiered with a focus on Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) prep, medical school interview prep, community outreach and academic support.

Although the group is still in the preliminary planning stages, organizational details have been developed and the group has already held its first meeting. Students in any year of study are welcome. Study sessions will resume in September.

A designated MCAT prep group will tackle two or three MCAT questions a week, moving forward only when the entire group feels they understand the work and answers. The society will also provide resources to assist students in finding the right community organization to work with, as community outreach is a consideration of medical school admissions.

The Premedical Society, which will apply for official Trent clubs and groups status in the fall, is open to any student hoping to pursue medicine, including veterinary medicine and dentistry. Elections for positions including admissions expert, MCAT prep coordinator and volunteer coordinator will be held in September.


For more information, please contact:
Raphaelle Koerber, Trent Premedical Society, (705) 749 0945 or