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International Conference on the Study of Canada
Contesting Canada's Future

May 21-23, 2015
Peterborough, Ontario

“Contesting Canada’s Future” is an international initiative which aims to draw together students, researchers, writers, artists and the public in productive and forward-looking intellectual dialogue and debate. We will examine the state of Canada in the new century from historical and current perspectives, speaking to concerns ranging from the environment and science to Canadian art and music, from multiculturalism and diversity to social inequality and Canada’s changing place in the global order. Proposals are encouraged from academic, cultural and activist communities. 

The organizing committee seeks panel, paper, and exhibit submissions from all disciplines that deal with aspects of Canada and Canadian Studies. Individual papers are welcome, as are completed panels, in both official languages.

Suggested Themes:

Why Canada Matters: Assessing the Study of Canada 40 years after To Know Ourselves
Debating History, Heritage, and Commemoration
Canadian Resources: The Future of Water
Canada’s Economic Future: Addressing the Inequality Gap in a Global Context
Democratizing Canada: Institutions, Politics, Processes
Decolonization as History and Contemporary Project
Canadian Cultural Production
Popular Culture
Canada as North: Peoples, Lands, Images
Quebec and Nationalisms in Canada
Diasporic and Global Experiences in English and French Canada
Oppositional Movements and Ideas Across Time and Place
Indigenous Canada
Multiculturalism and Diversity
Regionalism and provincialism