New Streaming Video Services


Trent University Library is pleased to announce availability of Audio-Cine, offering hundreds of streaming titles from well-known studios including Disney, Universal, DreamWorks, Marvel, Pixar, MGM and Sony.  A wide variety of new and classic films are currently available include 1917, Soul, Brazil, Cape Fear, Annie Hall and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Note that the studios reserve the right to temporarily or permanently remove titles. Loss of rights or embargoes are possible. The vendor will advise members of the changes.
  • Movies can only be shown on campus for student related purposes.
  • Streaming licenses cover all activities by registered students, staff, and employees on campus and through distance-learning.

Look for this resource on our Databases A-Z and various research guides.

Curio (CBC)

Trent University Library has subscribed to CURIO for several years. has added temporary access to BBC News and News in Review to its services for the Trent community to enjoy and assess over the next short while.