Respecting the Environment

The Endowment Lands Master Plan identifies and takes as a starting point Trent’s natural setting. Nature Areas are clearly defined and planning principles for developable areas prioritize existing terrain, natural vistas, and landscapes. Mitigating environmental impact is a priority for Trent and the City in the development of the Cleantech Commons. As a research park dedicated to developing innovative green technology, new ways to address environmental issues, and contribute to global sustainability, the development of Cleantech Commons itself must be anchored in a strong respect for the environment. The Master Plan for the research park is based on a series of principles that include being a leader in sustainable design and having a layout that is landscape-led to maintain natural features and existing topography.

Before construction begins, a variety of impact studies will be commissioned on the Cleantech Commons land. Ongoing studies include:

  • Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Studies
  • Well Monitoring and Soil Testing
  • Species at Risk Survey
  • Natural Heritage Reporting
  • Tree Inventory
  • Storm Water Management

In addition, the Trent University Area Transportation and Wastewater Management Class Environmental Assessment is ongoing. This assessment is investigating the area surrounding Cleantech Commons and will result in a storm water and sanitary sewage servicing plan. As these studies are completed, their findings will inform the final design and development of the Park. Once the Cleantech Commons Master Plan is complete, the next step in the process is the filing of a Draft Plan of Subdivision. This is a formal planning process under the Planning Act and is the equivalent of an Environmental Assessment under Provincial rules and includes public meetings. The City of Peterborough is managing the development and construction of Cleantech Commons and will be conducting these and other environmental impact studies. View more information on the City's website.

Completed reports are available on the City of Peterborough's website.