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Trent University Researchers Gain Access to New Technology


Specialized Equipment Donated by Cameco Corporation Enhances Trent’s Capacity to Study Environmental Contaminants

December 11, 2007, Peterborough

Students and researchers who use the Worsfold Water Quality Centre at Trent University to study environmental contaminants will benefit from the addition of a high-resolution mass spectrometer in its laboratories thanks to Cameco Corporation.

“We are very grateful to Cameco for their generous gift,” said Dr. Dirk Wallschläger, associate professor of environmental chemistry, whose research team will be using the mass spectrometer. “Universities face challenges in acquiring new instrumentation like this, so Cameco’s gift puts Trent a step ahead in the building and development of our infrastructure. By adding an important piece of instrumentation to the existing suite of analytical equipment at Trent, Cameco is helping to significantly enhance our research and teaching activities in the areas of analytical and environmental chemistry.”

Cameco donated a high-resolution mass spectrometer that will be used to facilitate environmental research. The instrument is an analytical tool used for characterizing and quantifying trace elements and molecules, enabling researchers to measure the amount of metals and chemicals found in water, soil and air samples. Cameco’s technology development group previously owned this highly sophisticated instrument.

Dr. Wallschläger indicated that the high resolution-mass spectrometer will be integrated into ongoing research programs, and will be predominantly used to identify and quantify contaminants in the environment.

“Cameco is pleased to have the opportunity to provide support to an important institution in one of the regions in which we operate,” said Engin Ozberk, vice-president of Cameco’s recently established innovation and technology development (ITD) division.

“Building strong relationships with researchers and students at post-secondary institutions is a key priority for Cameco.”

“We have collaborated with Dr. Wallschläger and other researchers at Trent University on a number of environmentally significant projects,” said Dr. Michael Murchie, manager of Cameco’s ITD research centre in Port Hope, Ontario.

“Although the equipment has been a valuable tool in our past research, our project priorities have changed. Researchers at Trent can make more effective use of this technology in their environmental research. ”

Dr. Wallschläger’s research interests include the characterization of trace elements, particularly arsenic, selenium and chromium, in natural and industrial environments. Development of analytical methods for the speciation of trace elements in natural and industrial environments is a key component of his research. These analytical methods can be used in the study of cycling and fate of trace element species in impacted ecosystems and behaviour of trace element species during industrial water and waste treatment procedures.


For further information, please contact:

Brittany Cadence
Communications officer (media specialist)
(705) 748-1011, ext. 6185

Doug Prendergast
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Cameco Corporation
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To facilitate interviews with Dr. Wallschläger’s for expert commentary on chemical contaminants in the environment, please contact Brittany Cadence at the number above.