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EcoJustice Education Conference Opens Today at Trent University


First Time Annual Conference Ever Hosted in Canada

Friday, May 11, 2007, Peterborough

Fascinating new approaches to teaching and curriculum development will be explored over three days the EcoJustice Education Conference and Retreat, which opens today at Trent University.

“The conference is unique this year in that it brings together indigenous and non-indigenous perspectives,” explains Professor Kelly Young of the School of Education and Professional Learning at Trent University. Prof. Young helped organize this year’s event.  “It is also notable that this is the first time this EcoJustice gathering has ever been held in Canada.” 

The conference and retreat runs from May 11-13 and is sponsored in part by the School of Education and Professional Learning at Trent University.

“This conference is in line with Trent’s philosophy which addresses the environment and eco-crisis,” notes Prof. Young. She went on to emphasize how this event reinforces Trent’s leadership as a centre of cutting-edge environmental education. 

During the conference, EcoJustice Education scholars will share their research and provide professional development workshops concerning key elements of curriculum on cultural and environmental commons issues. Participants will be guided through an examination of a culture of monetized relationships with consumer dependency and explore the nature of forms of enclosure in relation to the cultural commons.

EcoJustice Education is an approach that analyzes the increasing destruction of the world’s diverse ecosystems, languages and cultures by the globalizing and ethnocentric forces of Western consumer culture. One of the goals of EcoJustice Education is to promote educational reform at the public school, university and community levels as necessary to stem the tide of both cultural and ecological destruction.

For more information about EcoJustice Education visit www.ecojusticeeducation.org.


For further details about the conference, please contact:

Professor Kelly Young, School of Education and Professional Learning, Trent University
(705) 748-1011, ext. 7514, kellyyoung@trentu.ca