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Trent Lands Plan

Aerial view of the Trent University property in the summer sun

Trent Lands Plan

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NEW - Trent Lands Plan Fall 2018 Update

Trent University is embarking upon an update to the Trent Lands Plan. Learn more about the public engagement process.

The Vision for Trent Lands

Trent Lands

At Trent University we envision a sustainable and inspiring campus community, thoughtfully integrating the natural and built environments, with vibrant places to learn, live, innovate, and be active. Read more about the vision for Trent Lands.

The purpose of this website is to provide background, information and updates on the Trent Lands Plan – including current projects such as the Cleantech Commons and the City of Peterborough Arena Complex.

We value the natural landscape, in which Trent University is situated and have designated 60% of the lands as Nature Areas, buffers and wildlife corridors. As you will read throughout this site, planning is done through extensive consultation – and all development has and will meet or exceed provincial planning requirements. The full range of environmental studies undertaken are publicly available.

Trent Lands Plan Interactive Timeline


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Trent Lands Plan

One of Trent University’s most significant assets is its 1,400+ acres of land holdings consisting of the Core Campus, the Endowment Lands, and the Nature Areas.

Since the original 1964 Master Plan for Trent there has been a vision to carefully and thoughtfully develop portions of the Endowment Lands to support the Trent and Peterborough communities. Other Universities have been able to successfully use their lands to enhance the student experience, foster new research and academic partnerships, create experiential learning and employment opportunities, provide services to local neighbourhoods, and generate additional revenue streams for strategic projects. The Trent’s Lands Plan aspires to achieve these goals all while maintaining 60 per cent of its lands as Nature Areas, buffers and wildlife corridors – to ensure sensitive development and minimize environmental impact. 

The Trent Lands Plan (2013)  and the Endowment Lands Master Plan (2006) guide the development of the Endowment Lands so that the Trent community and Peterborough region may enjoy all these benefits. The plans are intended to outline potential uses for the lands and priority staging. As each project enters an exploratory or feasibility stage, appropriate assessments (e.g. geotechnical, environmental, archaeological, financial) will be undertaken, public consultations will be held, and Board of Governors approval required.

The 2017 approval of the Master Plan for Cleantech Commons will enable the designated research park site to become Canada’s premier green technology research and innovation site, hosting a cluster of companies and start-up enterprises in environmentally-focused fields.

Principles of Respect

The Trent Lands Plan is guided by the following principles:

Respect the unique cultural heritage, history, context and setting

Enhance the University and support the campus community

Strengthen integration, connectivity and relationships with the surrounding communities

Protect and enhance natural areas

Enhance and create high-quality public spaces and architecture

Commit to planning and design excellence and innovation

Target sustainable initiatives and projects