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13 Trent Faculty Receive $1,276,634 in NSERC Funding


Additional scholarships and research awards for Trent students announced

May 6, 2005 – Peterborough

Trent University welcomes today's announcement by National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) president Tom Brzustowski that 13 Trent faculty will share in $1,276,634 in new NSERC funding.

The announcement was made this morning at a news conference at the University of Toronto.

In addition to the funding announced for faculty, NSERC confirmed that 7 Trent students will receive a total of $317,600 in graduate scholarships and another 17 students will receive Undergraduate Student Research Awards totaling $76,500.

"These grants are a tribute to our outstanding faculty and reflect Trent University's dedication to innovative research and scientific discovery. The funds enable our researchers to continue to excel in their disciplines and to deliver high-level research training to our students" said James Parker, Trent University's Associate Vice-President for Research.

Each year thousands of professors from universities across Canada apply to NSERC for discovery and equipment grants. These funds provide the primary support for research in various fields such as chemistry, life and material sciences, and mathematics. The professors dedicate a large portion of their grant funds to training Canadian undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers.

The Undergraduate Student Research Awards are meant to stimulate students' interest in research in the natural sciences and engineering. They are also designed to encourage students to undertake graduate studies and pursue a research career in these fields.

"Canadian universities are appointing hundreds of new professors to replace those who are retiring. It is also very good for Canada that these new people are not only eager but also well qualified to do research," said NSERC President Tom Brzustowski. "NSERC discovery grants are very important because they provide funding to create new knowledge."

Across Canada, 3,040 professors will receive $380 million in discovery grants to support their research in the natural sciences and engineering. In addition, 2,675 young university researchers (2,398 at the graduate level and 277 at the postdoctoral level) will be receiving $111 million to pursue their studies in these fields. As well, 4,253 students will receive Undergraduate Student Research Awards, worth a total of $19.1 million.

Science and Engineering Research Canada (NSERC) is a key federal agency investing in people, discovery and innovation. It supports both basic university research through research grants, and project research through partnerships among postsecondary institutions, government and the private sector, as well as the advanced training of highly qualified people.

A listing of Trent's recipients is attached to this news release. For more information about research at Trent visit: http://www.trentu.ca/research/

For more information contact:

Prof. James D. A. Parker, Associate Vice-President, Research, Trent University, (705) 748-1011, ext. 7935


NSERC "Discovery Grant" Recipients – Trent Faculty

Announced May 6, 2005

Professor/Department Title of Study Award
Michelle Boue (Mathematics) Epidemic models for a moving population $  42,000
Jim Buttle (Geography) Mitigating harvesting impacts on hydrochemical fluxes to boreal lakes $119,950
Peter Dawson (Physics) Low-mass stars and galactic structure $  70,000
David Ellis (Chemistry) Environmental aspects of chiral fluorinated compounds $  81,000
Wenying Feng (Computer Studies) Applications of nonlinear and semilinear spectra to boundary value problems $  45,000
Ray March (Chemistry) Mass spectrometric and nuclear magnetic resonance studies of flavonoid glycosides $  50,000
Chris Metcalfe (ERS) Impacts of contaminants on the health of aquatic organisms $  24,800
Dave Patton (Physics) Galaxy mergers at high redshift $149,500
Kevin Peters (Psychology) The role of sleep in implicit and explicit memory for emotional material $  70,905
Ralph Shiell (Physics) The coherent evolution and manipulation of novel molecular states $120,000
Igor Svishchev (Chemistry) Physical environmental chemistry: "Green" technologies and molecular simulations $215,000
Shaun Watmough (ERS) Effects of calcium limitation on Ontario forests and lakes $124,950
NSERC "Equipment Grant" Recipients – Trent Faculty
Announced May 6, 2005
Professor/Department Title of Study Award
Jim Buttle (Geography) Energy balance system for assessing hydroecological effects of forest harvesting $  56,453
David Ellis (Chemistry) Environmental aspects of chiral fluorinated compounds $  61,500
Marguerite Xenopoulos (Biology) Spectrofluorometric characterization of dissolved organic carbon $  45,576
NSERC Student Scholarship Winners
Announced May 6, 2005
Student Research Area  
Roxanne Bower Animal biology  
Amanda Duffus Animal biology  
Todd Gouin Atmospheric science  
Alanna Grant Behavioural neuroscience  
Jennifer Hubbarde Applied mathematics  
Melissa Pink Aquatic ecology and limnology  
Sonya Richmond Terrestrial ecology  


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