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Trent University Graduate Students Showcase Their Research: April 11


Master's and Ph.D. students discuss their work at the Graduate Student Research Forum

Friday, April 7, 2005, Peterborough

Trent University graduate students will showcase their master's and Ph.D. work as part the Graduate Student Research Forum, to take place April 11 from 9:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Peter Gzowski College, room 114, on the east bank of campus.

All are welcome to attend a portion or all of the day. There is no charge for admission.

Agenda: 2005 Graduate Student Research Forum

  • 8:30 – 9:15 -- Registration for presenters and adjudicators. Presenters and adjudicators pick up packages, nametags at registration desk, outside GCS 114.

Coffee and muffins

  • 9: 15 -- Welcome from the Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Doug Evans

  • 9:30 -- Renee Bedard, Native Studies Program, PhD. (second year)

An Analysis of the Lived Experiences of Anishinaabe Mzinbiihgewnini-kwewag in relation to their Creativity and the Creative Production of Art

  • 9:45 -- Lyndsay Smith, Watershed Ecosystem Program M.Sc. (second year)

The Impacts of Silvicultural Practices on the Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the Woodlots of Southern Ontario.

  • 10:00 -- Anurani Persaud, Watershed Ecosystem Program Ph.D. (second year)

The Effect of Varying DOC Concentration on Zooplankton Community Dynamics in Freshwater Lake

  • 10:15 -- Karen Blackbourn, Anthropology Program, M.A. (second year)

Life and Health in 19th Century Port Hope

  • 10:30 -- Coffee break

  • 10:45 -- Roxanne Bower, Watershed Ecosystem Program M.Sc. (second year)

Genetic Profiling of Fecal Samples to Complement Endocrine and Health Assessments in the North Atlantic Right Whale

  • 11:00 -- Denina Simmons, Watershed Ecosystem Program M.Sc. (third year)

Interaction of Stilbene Compounds with the Estrogen Receptor

  • 11:15 -- Ting Lu, Applications of Modelling in the Natural Social Sciences,M.Sc. (second year)

Study of the Vortex State in HTSC Using NMR T2 Relaxation

  • 11:30 -- Melissa Page, Watershed Ecosystem Program M.Sc. (second year)

Purification and characterization of the transcription factor that binds to a conserved motif within the promoters of the core histone genes in Giardia lamblia

  • 11:45 -- Svitlana Pcholkina, Canadian Studies and Native Studies, M.A. (second year)

Who disrupts “natural idylls” at the cottage? Kushog Lake case study

  • 12:00 – 1:00 --Lunch

Lunch will be provided for presenters and adjudicators in the Native Studies Gathering space

  • 1:00 -- Nader Kharouba, Watershed Ecosystem Program, Ph.D. (third year)

Partitioning and the Fate of Cobalt and Nickel in the Water Column of a Seasonally Anoxic Lake in the Sudbury, Ontario Region

  • 1:15 -- Katharine Wolfe, Theory, Culture and Politics Program, M.A. (first year)

Remainders of Sense: On a Politics without Organ-ization

  • 1:30 -- Hida Manns, Watershed Ecosystem Program M.Sc. (third year)

Surface Mulch makes the Difference

  • 1:45 -- Melissa Pink, Watershed Ecosystem Program M.Sc. (second year)

Changes in Cyprinid Habitat Use and School Size in response to the introduction of brook trout in two oligiotrophic lakes in northern Ontario.

  • 2:00 -- Bradley Moore, Watershed Ecosystem Program M.Sc. (second year)

Evaluation of methods for synchronization of Giardia lamlia and the study of cell cycle dependant gene expression.

  • 2:15 --Coffee break

  • 2:30 --Alison Clark, Watershed Ecosystem Program M.Sc. (second year)

Enhancing natural successional processes on Yukon mine tailings sites: A low-input management solutions

  • 2:45 -- Dave Rewniak, Anthropology Program, M.A. (second year)

Excavations from San Cristobal, Nicaragua

  • 3:00 -- Laurie Davey-Quantick, Canadian Studies and Native Studies, M.A. (second year)

Broadening the Perspective on Canadian Small Business and their Community Relationships

  • 3:15 -- Kelly Harrison, Native Studies Program, PhD. (fourth year)

From the Oral Tradition and Back Again: A look at the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

  • 3:30 -- Colin Whitfield, Watershed Ecosystem Program M.Sc. (second year)

Investigation of the acidification and recovery of twenty headwater catchments in Nova Scotia, Canada using steady-state and dynamic models

  • 3:45 -- Closing Remarks


Media are welcome and encouraged to attend all or part of the day.

For more information, please contact Prof. Doug Evans, Dean of Graduate Studies, 748-1011, ext. 7936

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