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Trent University student receives provincial leadership award

Fourth-year student honoured with the Canadian Intramural Recreation Association Ontario Award

Friday, February 4, 2005, Peterborough

For his commitment and dedication to the Trent University intramural program, fourth-year Anthropology and Ancient Classics student Jesse Hopkins has received the Canadian Intramural Recreation Association (CIRA) Ontario 2005 Post-Secondary Student Leadership Award.

The award was presented to Mr. Hopkins by Karen McAllister-Kenny, CIRA Ontario executive member, on January 28 at CIRA's Post-Secondary Student Leadership Conference in Toronto. The award is presently annually to two students who clearly demonstrate leadership, above and beyond what is expected, through involvement in campus recreation programs at post-secondary institutions in Ontario.

Coordinator of Campus Recreation Sue Robinson, who oversees the more than 2,250-student strong intramural program at Trent nominated Mr. Hopkins for the award. "For many reasons, Jesse is an ideal candidate to receive this award," wrote Ms. Robinson, in her nomination letter. "Jesse is simply larger than life. He is friendly, outgoing and encouraging. Jesse absolutely loves sports. Trent University Campus Recreation programs are governed by the spirit of fair play. Jesse is a great example of someone who really represents what fair play means. Not only is he very knowledgeable in all of the programs he leads or participates in, he is very comfortable with these sports, making him an ideal convener and referee."

Mr. Hopkins is deeply involved in extra-curricular activities as a member of his college cabinet since second year, as an athletic representative for his college since first year and as a participant in the Trent Penpal Program. He started playing in the campus recreation program in his first year, and joined the convening staff in his second year. Mr. Hopkins now convenes 13 intramural sports, including ultimate frisbee and frisbee golf, and trains many new conveners.

A high percentage of students are involved in campus recreation at Trent, which Mr. Hopkins says speaks to the vitality and the importance of the program.

"It creates common ground for people to be able to talk to each other," he says. "I've always promoted intramurals - it's the best way to integrate into school. You don't have to be athletic, everyone is just having fun."

For the last two years, Mr. Hopkins has also received a College Participation Award for earning a high number of campus recreation participation points.

"The intramural program has been an integral part of my last four years and the award, well, I appreciate it a lot," said Mr. Hopkins. "School can be a great time, but you have to make it so. Trent has a lot to offer."

In June 2004 also from CIRA Ontario, the Department of Athletics at Trent University received, for the second consecutive year, the Outstanding Intramural Achievement Award 2003 - 2004 for post-secondary institutions. Trent was among the schools recognized for offering a variety of activities that promote fun, physical activity, inclusion and cooperative participation, and use of students in a leadership capacity.


For further information, please contact:
Sue Robinson, Coordinator of Campus Recreation, 748-1011, ext. 1521
Jesse Hopkins, 876-9545

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