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Site for DNA Cluster Building Approved


From the Board of Governors' Meeting - October 1, 2004

The DNA Cluster proposal moved one step closer to reality with today's approval by Trent University's Board of Governors of a site for the first DNA Cluster project building.

The approved site, north east of the Science Complex, met a number of criteria including proximity to the Science Complex and cost of servicing the site.

During the selection process, the project team consulted with groups in the University community to ensure that the proposed development did not encroach on any of the University's nature areas identified in the Draft Stewardship Plan and was consistent with the Campus Master Plan.

Next steps in the evolution of the DNA Cluster include the development of a specific business plan. A decision on an application to the province's OSTAR-RED program (Ontario Small Town and Rural Economic Development) initiative is pending.

Revised University Operating Budget Approved

Approval was given to a revised University operating budget for 2004-05. Changes to the budget were necessary due to a reduction in anticipated enrolment by 263 full time students. The expenditure budget, originally proposed to grow by 10 per cent , will only increase seven per cent from the previous year. The following adjustments to the budget have been made:

  • The Instructional Staff budget was reduced 1.75 per cent through hiring deferrals and reductions in stipends.
  • The Non-Instructional Staff budget was reduced 1.6 per cent.
  • Non Staff expenses were reduced 3.5 per cent

Department budgets have been reduced by three per cent and a hiring freeze remains in effect. The overall reduction in expenses totaled $1,668,000.00.

Board Welcomes New Member

The Board of Governors approved the appointment of Mr. Fred Sherratt to the Board for a three year term effective immediately.

Mr. Sherratt is a Vice-Chairman of CHUM Limited in Toronto. He received his education in Truro, Nova Scotia where he began his broadcasting career as an announcer in 1948. He moved to Ontario in 1949 and was associated with the broadcasting division of the Thomson newspapers. In 1956, Mr. Sherratt co-founded CFRS Simcoe, Ontario. He became associated with CHUM Limited in 1960 when he moved to Peterborough to operate its newly acquired station, CKPT.

In 1971, Mr. Sherratt Joined with CHUM Limited and a group of Nova Scotia investors to purchase CJCH-TV, Halifax which was developed into the Atlantic Television System. Mr. Sherratt has served as a Director and member of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, was a director and member of the Executive Committee of the Television Bureau of Canada, and served a three-year term as Chairman of the Board of BBM Bureau of Measurement.

Inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcaster's Broadcast Hall of Fame in 1995, Mr. Sherratt was awarded the CAB Distinguished Service Gold Ribbon Award in 1984 and in 1993 received the Ted Rogers Senior/Velma Rogers Graham Award for his pioneering spirit and contribution to the broadcasting system.

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For more information contact:

Don Cumming, Senior Director, Public Affairs, (705) 748-1011, ext. 1224

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