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Trent Ospreys Successfully Relocated to Riverbank

Friday, August 6, 2004 , Peterborough

The resident ospreys that last year nested on a light standard at the Trent University athletics field returned this spring to their relocated nest and now have two young birds almost ready to fly.


The nest of “Ozzie and Harriet Osprey” was removed from the light standard last August - due to its weight and potential as a fire hazard. The nest was relocated close to the bank of the Otonabee River in partnership with the Wetland Habitat Fund (WHF), who provided assistance and $1,000 in funding. The Peterborough Utilities Services donated a 60-foot telephone pole upon which a platform was built to house the nest.


“When Ozzy and Harriet first returned, there was a lot of squawking at the fact the nest was not where it was last year,” said James Trombley of Trent 's Physical Resources department. “However, when the ospreys found the nest on the pole by the river, it was instantly accepted. It's that old saying ‘location, location, location.”


Late last summer when the nest was removed using a crane, it was hoped the ospreys - known to be an adaptable species - would find the new nest.


“Hopefully, this will lead to an ongoing relationship between the birds and the University,” said Mike Barker, program representative for the WHF. “This would be an ideal opportunity for research on this species of bird, increasing our knowledge and understanding of the bird and how they relate to human dynamics.”


The WHF is an organization which works directly and respectfully with landowners to conserve and enhance important wetland habitats and improve habitat for significant bird species.




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