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Three Local High School Graduates Receive Trent University's Most Prestigious Scholarships

Students awarded close to $40,000 in entrance scholarships

Wednesday, July 21, 2004, Peterborough

Three local high school graduates with three things in common - a passion for people and for learning, and brilliant futures at Trent University - have been recognized with close to $40,000 in entrance scholarships.

Trent is pleased to announce that St. Peter's Secondary School graduate Danica Hogan has received the prestigious Champlain Scholarship. Valued at $17,500 over four years, Champlain Scholarships are awarded to students entering their first year of study at Trent, and recognize exceptionally high academic achievement and promise. Two scholarships are awarded yearly.

Edward Stokan from Kenner Collegiate and Katharine Rogers from Lakefield College School have received Special Admission Scholarships valued at $11,000 each over four years. These scholarships recognize outstanding academic and extra-curricular achievement.

These students are outstanding not only in their academic achievement, but in their array of interests and high aspirations for the future. In their final year of high school, they have each averaged in the mid- to high-nineties range.

"We are absolutely delighted to be welcoming such distinguished, diverse young individuals to Trent," says President Bonnie Patterson. "We're thrilled that they have chosen to pursue their academic careers in Peterborough - in their own backyards. As they maintain their strong ties to the community, they will establish new ones at Trent, enriching their own lives and contributing greatly to the campus."

Even before she started school, Danica Hogan was interested in pursuing marine biology; she says she has an intense passion for aquatic organisms and marine ecosystems. In her personal essay, submitted to Trent University, she writes, "It has always been an inclination of mine to one day construct my own marine science centre, where I can study marine organisms, in particular, deep-sea cephalopods, and crustaceans."

Along with setting her sights on the future, Ms. Hogan has been actively engaged in her school community through athletics and the arts. She achieved the highest overall average at St. Peter's in grades 9, 10 and 11 and during those years, was involved in rugby, baseball, badminton as well as the school choir and school musicals - both on stage and behind the scenes. She has taken part in the painting of murals at St. Peter's and contributed to the wider community in numerous volunteer capacities.

Edward Stokan, who describes himself as a dedicated student, is interested in pursuing one of two professions that interest him; he is heading toward a career as an astrophysicist or a professor. "I intend to, one day, become a productive member of the society which has given me so much, by either becoming a professor and imparting my knowledge to others, or becoming an astrophysicist and trying to explain the phenomena of the heavens to those who are interested," Mr. Stokan wrote in his personal essay.

Mr. Stokan has been noted for high honours performance throughout his high school career and has diverse interests in computers and electronics, science, mathematics and literature. He volunteered everyday at lunchtime to assist other students in various subjects and once a week after school, worked with a hearing-impaired student. Mr. Stokan has been a member of the Kenner Concert Band since grade nine, has entered literary contests and has taken part in the after-school maintenance of some school computers.

Katharine Rogers is looking to pursue a master's degree following her undergraduate education, as well as a teaching career in the intermediate and senior grades. "I love working with children and youth, and believe that teaching is the perfect profession for me," she writes in her personal essay. Ms. Rogers hopes to teach history and geography.

Ms. Rogers has been recognized as a Scholar With Distinction (for her average of 85 per cent or higher) every year between 2000 and 2004. She has held a number of leadership positions at the school including senior in charge of Mackenzie House as well as senior in charge of debating. Ms. Rogers has received honours over the years for debating and dramatic interpretation and has pursued many extracurricular activities including clubs, dramatic productions, band and choir. She also has athletic interests that include rugby, intramural hockey and aerobics. Ms. Rogers' volunteer experience is also extensive and includes a service project to Botswana/South Africa in March 2004.


For further information, please contact:

Allan Barnfield, Assistant Registrar, Trent University (705) 748-1011 ext. 1679

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