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Chancellor Dr. Roberta Bondar presents Breathtaking Panoramic Photograph to Trent University

Wednesday, May 26, 2004, Peterborough

One day prior to presiding over her second convocation ceremonies as Chancellor of Trent University, Dr. Roberta Bondar presented the University with a breathtaking panoramic photograph titled Tanquary Fiord at a reception for friends and supporters of Trent.

Dr. Bondar spoke at the reception and unveiled the image - the second of three of her arctic photographs intended for the University's permanent collection. The first image, Sirmilik Hoodoos Panorama, from her series on Canada's National Parks in the last Millennium, was presented to the University by Dr. Bondar last year, after she was appointed Chancellor of Trent University.

In presenting the framed panoramic photo to Trent University's president Bonnie Patterson and Board of Governors vice-chair Jane Dudas, Dr. Bondar spoke of Ellesmere Island in Nunavut Territory, where the image was captured. Only about 40 people visit the island, a very fragile environment, each year. "This is not a static planet," said Dr. Bondar. "The earth is constantly evolving and this is why environmental studies of the type undertaken at Trent University are so important." Dr. Bondar spoke of the water quality research underway at Trent, which is finding trace amounts of antibiotics in lakes and rivers.

The following is a description of Tanquary Fiord:
This park contains the most northerly lands in Canada and constitutes a true polar desert with only 60 millimetres of precipitation per year. From Tanquary Fiord in Quttinirpaaq National Park, the magnificent view looks toward the Grant Land Mountains with the Ad Astra Ice Cap on the left and the Viking Ice Cap on the right.

This reception provided an opportunity for Dr. Bondar to meet with friends and supporters of the University. The photograph presented today is one of many in the book Canada – Landscape of Dreams.


For more information, please contact Susan Mackle, Vice-President (Advancement) at 748-1011, ext. 1207.


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