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First Choice Applications to Trent Increase

Senate encourages Trent community to participate in day of action

Friday, January 30, 2004, Peterborough

From the Regular Board of Governors' Meeting

President's Report

DNA Cluster

Bonnie Patterson, President and Vice-Chancellor, updated the Board on a variety of issues involving the University. Progress continues to be made by the siting committee study to identify options for the location of the DNA centre. Discussions with the provincial government's Biotechnology Corridor funding program continues. A grant of $100,000 has also been received from the Community Futures Development Corporation to support the on-going development of the DNA Cluster project proposal.

Federal Government

The President noted that the university sector is monitoring closely the upcoming Throne Speech on Monday and is anticipating a pre-election budget to be followed by a spring federal election. A focus of concern for universities includes the continued federal support for the direct and indirect costs of research. The Association for Universities and Colleges Canada continues to shape proposals on how to "Bridge the Innovation Gap" and the commercialization of research. The President noted that 22 of 25 of the recently appointed federal ministers are new to their positions.

Provincial Government

At the provincial level the Executive Committee of the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) provided a briefing to new MPPs. The Working Group on Capacity, composed of representatives of the COU and the Ministries of Finance, Training, Colleges and Universities, and Economic Development and Trade, are collaborating to define a case for supporting increased university funding. Universities are being asked to review their Enrollment Target Agreements; it is anticipated that in the future ETAs will also cover mature students, transfer students and graduate students, as well as secondary school students seeking entrance into university.

President Patterson and Bob Birgeneau, President of the University of Toronto, recently met with Joe Cordiano, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, to make the case for a strong Ontario program that will match federal programs to fund university research. Advocacy efforts will continue in the coming months as all university presidents will gather to meet with all of the provincial deputy ministers.

Mandatory Retirement

In response to recent media coverage, the president noted that the current proposals to end mandatory retirement will greatly impact the university sector. She emphasized that the University's staffing plan model is premised on the assumption of a normal retirement age of 65. Trent has launched a successful hiring faculty recruitment campaign in anticipation of peak retirement years in 2007-08 and 2009-10. The proposed policy change will require the University to revisit its current staffing plan and assess data from other jurisdictions to better understand the trends in retirement.

Senate Motion - National Day of Action February 4

The Senate met this past week and passed the following resolution:

Whereas the Canadian Federation of Students and the Canadian Association of University Teachers stand in coalition with one another, and together believe that education is a right.

Whereas a quality, public and accessible post-secondary education system is increasingly important.

Whereas public funding for post-secondary education in Ontario has decreased significantly in the past decade, to the detriment of Universities and

Whereas annual tuition fee increases have rendered post-secondary financially inaccessible for a growing number of people.

Whereas the Senate acknowledges the usefulness of a strong student effort to increase financial support for post-secondary education.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT The Senate of Trent University:

i) Supports a fully funded tuition fee reduction, and strongly encourages the provincial government to make this possible by providing adequate funding to post-secondary institutions.

ii) Strongly encourages that students who give instructors prior notice shall not be penalized academically for participating in the National Day of Action, February 4, 2004, and requests that the Dean of Arts and Science communicates this to all course instructors.

iii) Strongly encourages wherever possible, all instructors to reschedule lectures, seminars, labs, tutorials, tests, presentations, assignments and meetings scheduled for February 4, 2004.

iv) Encourages all members of the Trent community, including staff, faculty and students to take part in the February 4th Day of Action.

Chemical Sciences Building

The Board was advised that the Chemical Sciences Building was recognized for its architectural significance with a 2003 Award of Merit from Canadian Architect magazine. The national award, announced in the magazine's December 2003 issue, recognizes Teeple Architects in association with Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners, among the 11 winners. The awards honour design excellence - "a project's ability to expand the dimensions of architecture's role in society and as a discipline," stated Marc Boutin, jury member and architect, in the magazine. The official opening ceremony for the Chemical Sciences Building is set for March 10, 2004.

Science Complex Renovations

The second phase of renovations in the Science Complex have begun and are projected to be completed by April, 2004.

Peter Gzowski College

The schedule for the completion of the college is on track for substantial completion by March, 2004. Conference services have booked space in the facility for May, 2004 and exterior cladding is being installed.

Chancellor's Dialogues

Dr. Roberta Bondar will host this year's Chancellor's Dialogues on March 9. The panel discussion will include experts from Trent University and other speakers and focus on how individuals can protect themselves against SARS and global epidemics.

Applications to Trent University

As of January 14, 2004, 7,844 secondary school students had applied for admission at Trent University.

This represents a 58% increase over 2002-03 applications to the University. Application volumes from 2003-04 were not used as a comparison to 2004-05 applications due to the inflated volume of applications received in 2003-04 as result of the double cohort phenomenon (two high school cohorts attending University in one year).

To date, 1,302 "first choice" applications for 2004 have been received at Trent – an increase over 1,083 received in 2002.

40th Anniversary - Trent University

The president advised the Board that plans are well underway for the celebration of the University's 40th anniversary. Prof. Gordon Johnston of Trent's English department is chairing the anniversary committee.

Upcoming Speakers

Trent University is pleased to welcome His Excellency John Ralston Saul to speak on "The End of Globalization and the Return of the Nation State" at Wenjack Theatre on February 6 at 3 p.m. The event, which is free and open to the public, is being hosted by Trent University's Canadian Studies program, the Trent International Program, and the department of Political Studies.

Patch Adams, M.D. will give a talk about wellness, laughter, humour and life at a public performance at Showplace Peterborough on February 10 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 each and are available immediately through the Showplace box office at 742-7469.

Annual Report - Trent University

Copies of the University's 2002-03 annual report were distributed. The report highlights the themes of quality, discovery and relevance and showcases the accomplishments of students, faculty and staff. The report contains additional excerpts of Trent's financial information and was produced by the Communications Office.


The president shared a letter from the Chair of the Board of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology praising Trent for its showing in a recent national survey that ranked Trent number one for quality of education.

Statutory Compliance Task Force

The task force advised the board that it's final report will be presented by the end of the academic year.

Undergraduate Program Reviews

Susan Clark, Vice-President (Academic), provided board members with an overview of process to review undergraduate programs. A report was submitted to Senate in May, 2003 on the reviews completed on the History and International Development Studies reviews. In 2002-03, the Undergraduate Programs Reviews for Business Administration and Physics were initiated. In February, 2004 the Subcommittee on Undergraduate Studies Committee (SUPR) will review the departments' responses to the external reviewer's reports. The committee will submit a report to the Academic Planning Committee, which will then report to Senate. In 2003-04, Undergraduate Program Reviews for Anthropology, Cultural Studies and Mathematics are in progress and will be completed by the end of January. The SUPR will review the departmental/program self-assessment document, the external reviewer's report and the departmental/program response. In 2004-05 the reviews for Modern Languages, Politics and Computer Studies will occur.

Budget Process

Key dates in the University budget process were presented:

January 16 Budget timetable to the Finance and Property Committee
January 30 Base budget determined
February 25 Budget assumptions to Senate Budget Committee
February 27 Draft budget assumptions/scenarios to Finance and Property Committee
March 26 Board meeting – presentation of budget assumptions to the Board
April 14 Draft budget to Senate Budget Committee
April 16 Draft budget recommendation to Property and Finance Committee (operating, fees, capital, balance sheet/cash flow projection)
April 30 Budget Approval – Board of Governors

Fundraising Council

To date, the Fundraising Council has raised over $1,663,000 in cash and pledges. This represents 46 per cent of the $3.6 million goal for the Building Capacity campaign in support of the building projects, Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Graduate Scholarships. In addition to these goals, the council will seek $1.2 to $1.4 million in gifts and pledges for the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTF). This represents the portion to be raised through major gifts towards Trent's OSOTF potential of $4,222,126.

Chair's Remarks

Reid Morden, Chair of the Board, paid tribute on behalf of the Board of Governors to the late Ms. Sylva Malka Gelber, a long-time friend of the University, former honorary member of the Board, and honorary degree recipient.

Ms. Gelber passed away on December 9, 2003 at the age of 93. Trent University presented Ms. Gelber with an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree in May 1997 in recognition of her outstanding contribution to social legislation and women's rights in Canada. She referred to Trent as a "beautiful, intimate place of learning." Mr. Morden added that "Trent has lost a vibrant and great friend, and the wider community has lost a great contributor to our nation."

Next Board of Governors' Meeting

Friday, March 26, 2004.


For more information contact:

Don Cumming, Senior Director, Public Affairs, (705) 748-1011 ext. 1224

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