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Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Eighty high school students gain "Insights" through enrichment at Trent

PCVS students study at Champlain College: December 10

Eighty PCVS students are visiting Trent University on December 10 to explore a myriad of subjects as part of Insights - a day-long academic enrichment program, hosted by Champlain College.
Students from all grades and academic levels will attend a series of workshops on topics ranging from "Human Forensic DNA Profiling" and "Environmental History" to "Songwriting." Other subject areas include astronomy, globalization, underground art and media, and art therapy.
President Bonnie Patterson will welcome the students at 9 a.m., and Cameron Douglas, program director of WUOMI, the Sierra Leone Global Education Partnership Project, will deliver the keynote address. Students will attend morning sessions from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. and afternoon sessions from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m., unless they have chosen one of the all-day sessions. Students will also have the opportunity to tour the campus.
Trent professors, local professionals, and practising artists and specialists will lead the workshops. This is the second annual Insights event at Champlain College, though it is a more than 10-year tradition for PCVS.

Sessions include:

Human Forensic DNA Profiling - Brad White and Ashvin Mohindra

Songwritin - Michael Martyn

Copper Repousse - Michael Poulton

Expressive Arts Therapy as a Career for Artists - Janette Platana

The Murder of the Man who was Shakespeare - Alan Nunn

Economic Theory: Questioning the Impotence of Nations - Dr. Joyce Barrett

Art, Science and Moist Media - Caroline Langill

Environmental History - Stephen Bocking

Good versus Bad Globalization - Can We Choose? - Dr. Joyce Barrett

Independently Yours - Zines and Underground Art - Danielle Raymond and Jae Steele

The Quality of Fishing reflects the Quality of Life - Jim Atkinson

Studying a Star - A Look at the Earth's Solar Furnace - Rick Stankiewicz

Drawing on your Seeing Skills - John Climenhage

Girls Go Global: Creating Feminisms - Marg McGraw and Marg Hobbs


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