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Posted: Monday, November 10, 2003


Trent University Places First in Ontario among Primarily Undergraduate Schools in 2003 Maclean's Rankings

New Survey Category Ranks Trent #1 in Student Retention

Sunday, November 9, 2003, Peterborough

Results from the Maclean's 2003 rankings of Canadian universities have placed Trent University first in Ontario; Trent moved from sixth to fifth place in the overall ranking among primarily undergraduate universities.

The results ranked Trent first out of 21 primarily undergraduate universities nationwide in a number of key performance areas.

First Overall

  • student retention
  • medical/science research funding
  • scholarships and bursaries

Research Grants per Faculty Awards

Trent excelled in a number of other important categories.

awards per full time faculty (ranked second)
class sizes in both the 1st and 2nd as well as the 3rd and 4th year categories (ranked fifth)
faculty with Ph.D.'s (ranked fifth)
reputational survey (ranked sixth – up from tenth last year)
classes taught by tenured faculty (ranked sixth)
social sciences and humanities research grants (ranked seventh)
proportion of students who graduate (ranked seventh)
student awards (ranked seventh)
proportion of international students on campus (ranked seventh)
alumni support to the University (ranked ninth)

Trent University President Bonnie Patterson was pleased that the results of the survey confirmed the strengths the University has already been recognized for in two recent surveys, having ranked number one in quality of education in a Globe and Mail survey published in October and having been named research university of the year in a study on research and innovation published in the National Post this month.

"Clearly, Trent University is excelling in the two core areas that are fundamental to university success: teaching and research," President Patterson said in response to the Maclean's rankings today. "The addition of the student retention category to the Maclean's ranking criteria adds an important dimension in reflecting the Trent experience. More first year students continue on into second year at Trent than at any other primarily undergraduate university in the country because of the focus on the individual student. Trent is a research intensive university where faculty maintain a keen interest in teaching. This is more and more widely recognized, as evidenced by the jump from tenth place to sixth place in our ranking for reputation.

"We owe that reputation to the Trent faculty who win research grants, publish world-renowned research results and commit significant time and energy to sharing that knowledge with students," President Patterson continued. "The fact that Trent moved from eleventh to ninth in alumni support for the University is testimony to the level of student satisfaction that results from this unique environment. More than 97 per cent of Trent University graduates are employed within two years of graduation, slightly ahead of the Ontario system average."

President Patterson noted the University's outstanding student retention rate was also due to the increasing quality of students coming to Trent University. The proportion of students with grade point averages (GPA's) of more than 80% increased by 17% in 2002 while students with a GPA of more than 70% increased by 27%. Significant investments in scholarships and bursaries have encouraged this trend.

"It's particularly pleasing to see Trent University continue to excel in the area of class sizes in this, the year of the double cohort," added President Patterson. "The fact that preliminary figures indicated that the first-year student population has grown by approximately 52 per cent, while close to 90% of first and second year classes have 50 students or less speaks volumes about the University's readiness for the double cohort year. A hearty thank you to the University's faculty and staff, who have made this result possible."

Trent University is an outstanding undergraduate university known for its commitment to a liberal arts and sciences education. Within a collegial setting, the University offers traditional and interdisciplinary degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Spanning the picturesque Otonabee River in Peterborough, Ontario, Trent's Symons' campus features award-winning architecture designed to complement its natural setting. The University serves over 7,000 full and part-time students in Peterborough and Oshawa. Trent University will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year.


For more information, please contact: Don Cumming, senior director, public affairs, Trent University
(705) 748-1011 ext. 1224.

Posted November 10, 2003

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