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Posted: Tuesday, October 15, 2003


Trent University ranked #1 for quality of education in national University Report Card

Trent University has ranked number one in the "Quality of Education" category in the second annual University Report Card, released this morning as a special report in The Globe and Mail. The report ranked 38 Canadian universities based on student responses to a more than 100-question online survey.

"We are extremely pleased to have been ranked number one in the quality of education category," said President Bonnie Patterson. "The results reinforce Trent’s own survey data that confirmed the value students place on small class sizes and student-faculty ratio.

"The report card provides one more piece of information on the student perspective, which is helpful to us in identifying trends as well as strengths and weaknesses."

The report features a photo of Trent’s Faryon Bridge across a double page spread accompanying the article "Top marks for innovative teaching," as well as a photograph of Trent’s Dr. David Poole, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, and recent winner of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award.

In the article, Prof. Poole speaks to the innovation of the teaching strategies at Trent, while student Kate McEwen is quoted on the scope of her professors’ experience and the benefit of being at a "small school". Within the "Quality of Education" category, Trent ranked first in three of the seven sub-categories "Quality of Teaching," "Faculty Subject Knowledge" and "Effectiveness of Teaching Methods."

"What we’ve done well at here at Trent is the human dimension of the university setting," said Prof Poole. "Faculty, the faculty to student ratio, what goes on in and outside the classroom . . . basically, how we teach and how we learn."

Trent is also a leader in several other areas, according to the students who responded. The University is ranked in the top half of the results in "Atmosphere on Campus," "Off-Campus Environment," and "Financial Assistance" categories.

President Patterson made special note of Trent’s ranking in the top-third of the "Financial Assistance" category. Allocating $6 million annually to scholarships and bursaries, the University has made major strides in the provision of financial assistance in the last five years. Trent has strong community support for student endowments and a relatively short philanthropic history, given its relatively young age as an institution.

The report card also addressed areas for improvement for Trent, among them, the "Technology" category, which included a look at the accessibility and availability of computers, computer assistance and online resources.

"We are continually working to address challenges in the availability of technology at Trent," said President Patterson, citing a $1.2 million investment in new networks across the campus and the addition of 138 workstations. As well, Trent is working to further its classroom successes through the incorporation of supplemental technology.


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