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Posted: Tuesday, September 9, 2003


"Good habits" flow from Trent’s Academic Skills Centre

Though he concedes his perspective isn’t popular, Trent University Academic Skills Centre Director Martin Boyne says there’s no better time than September, to start thinking about final exams. The arrival of the academic year is the time to start developing "good habits," that will stay with students and benefit them, through to final exams.

Trent University’s Academic Skills Centre (ASC) and its instructors are available and dedicated to assisting students to acquire the academic skills they need to achieve success at school. Among those skills are essay writing, critical and efficient reading, critical thinking and time management, as well as preparing for and writing exams. Through an individual appointment, workshop or mini-course, any academic skill can be addressed.

"Then by the time December and January come around, you have established good habits and you’re not just trying to pick up the pieces," says Mr. Boyne. He also notes the ASC is for students in all disciplines and not only those having difficulties, but those who are doing well and want to do even better.

A special writing skills exercise initiative is taking place the first week of classes. The exercise will provide students with feedback on their writing without the pressure of achieving top marks. In preparation for the double-cohort year students, ASC is also offering a transitional course that will help to familiarize students with the language of university assignments and explain how academic expectations at university differ from those in high school.

"September is a quieter month for many students…doing this type of thing in September to try to lighten the load later on, is encouraged," says Mr. Boyne.

For further information on ASC services, visit or call 748-1720.


For further information, please contact:
Martin Boyne, Director, Academic Skills Centre, 748-1011, Ext. 1719

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