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Academic year underway as first-year students arrive

As students continue to register for the 2003/04 academic year at Trent University, preliminary enrolment figures indicate a 52 per cent increase in first-year high school students over 2002/03, due in part, to the double-cohort year. Overall registration figures indicate an increase of more than 20 per cent - a significant jump for the second consecutive year.

"Trent’s enrolment figures show that our recruitment efforts continue to be effective and that this is a place students want to be," says Susan Salusbury, registrar, adding overall registration increased by 15 per cent in 2002/03. "The reputation of the University is something that is starting to be heard."

The Trent-Fleming Nursing Program increased its number of student spaces to 145 - an increase of 45 per cent over 2002/03.

Trent appeals to the double-cohort year students for a number of reasons, explains Salusbury. These include a wide array of support services, a strong academic program and an ability to provide more individualized attention in a smaller university setting.

Implemented in preparation for the double-cohort year was a highly successful Summer Registration Program that saw 1,600 students and their parents come to the University for respective orientation sessions, while an additional 400 students took advantage of an at-home registration kit. A special parent orientation session provided guidance for parents of younger first-year students. In total, 87 per cent of new students and their parents participated. Students registered for many of their courses but will continue to create their timetables this week, as part of Introductory Seminar Week (ISW).

"As activities such as ISW continue on campus and students finalize their schedules, enrolment figures will continue to flex," says Salusbury, noting that figures will be forwarded to the Ministry by November 1, 2003.

As part of ISW, students have the opportunity to attend a variety of introductory seminars, presented by professors within each academic department and program. This preview of first-year courses allows students to tailor and finalize their course selection.

Also part of ISW are opportunities for students to learn about the campus, the city and their college communities. The week’s activities are intended to inspire lifelong friendships and fun. All first-year students are encouraged to take part.

Thursday, September 4 - The Great Race
5 p.m. - the athletic field outside the Athletic Complex
A time-honoured tradition at Trent, as colleges compete for The Grail. The Great Race is a relay of games and events that require little athletic ability but need enthusiasm and college participation!

Friday, September 5 - The Trent Carnival
3 - 5 p.m. - Traill College
The Trent Carnival, hosted by Traill College, is a great tradition where all colleges can participate in games together. Any funds raised will be donated to a local charity.

Saturday, September 6 - Shinerama
As the largest fundraiser for students in post-secondary education, Shinerama raises money for Cystic Fibrosis research. This event begins with breakfast and a pep rally, followed by a fun-filled day of shining, washing and cheering!


For further information, please contact:
Susan Salusbury, Registrar, 748-1677

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