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Trent Mathematics Professor David Poole, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, is one of eight winners of this year’s 3M national Teaching Fellowship award.

"It is a thrill and a privilege to be in the company of Trent professors Alan Slavin and Stephen Brown both of whom previously won this national award," said Prof. Poole. "When you review 3M’s list of all the previous award winners, Trent University stands out on a per capita basis for the number of teaching awards it has won. This third award for Trent University reflects positively on our faculty’s commitment to teaching excellence and I am very grateful for the recognition."

The 3M award is given to individuals who not only excel in the teaching of their own courses but also demonstrate an exceptionally high degree of leadership and commitment to the improvement of university teaching across disciplines.

In the nomination it was noted that, "David Poole’s teaching can turn even self-confessed ‘math-phobes’ into ‘math-philes,’ and his passion for his subject is a source of great delight to his students." As one former Trent University student says, "Professor Poole has inspired this would-be English teacher with the confidence to teach mathematics, which I now do every day."

A colleague describes Poole as "both an exemplary and innovative teacher in his own university classroom and a visionary crusader, dedicated to new educational strategies that reach beyond the university to elementary and high school teaching of mathematics."

Commenting on the award, President Bonnie Patterson praised Poole for his commitment to innovation in the classroom. "Professor Poole’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the fact that he has won both the Trent Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching and three Merit Awards for Excellence in Teaching. This national recognition of his professionalism reflects his commitment to Trent’s students."

This past spring Professor Poole was also one of six recipients of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association’s (OCUFA) teaching awards.

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Last Updated December 10, 2003