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June 12, 2003

Professor Peter Dillon of Trent University was among twelve Canadians recently recognized by The Royal Society of Canada for their extraordinary contributions to the humanities, pure and applied sciences.

Professor Dillon has been awarded the Miroslaw Romanowski Medal for making significant contributions in the field of environmental science. Professor Dillon is one of a handful of Canadians to earn this distinction over the past 2 decades. The Romanowski medal is not presented every year; but rather is awarded only if there is an outstanding candidate. The award includes funding to support a lecture tour at universities around Canada. Although already well traveled, Peter looks forward to seeing his colleagues and presenting his research results.

Dr. Dillon has been a full-time professor at Trent University for the past three and a half years, and prior to that, an adjunct professor since the earlier 1980’s. He is also the director of the new Water Quality Center, a new world-class analytical chemistry facility. His research focuses on the effects of stressors (acid deposition, climate change, metal contaminants and excess nutrients are among them) on freshwater ecosystems. Using field-based investigations, laboratory studies and mathematical and statistical models, Professor Dillon attempts to quantify the impacts of these stressors and to develop scientifically-based solutions to these problems. Working in collaboration with a number of scientists and projects within the European Union and the United States, these studies help to look at these issues in a global setting. One of his accomplishments has been establishing a large-scale research programme encompassing, lakes, streams and wetlands in Ontario. Professor Dillon was instrumental in creating one of the most significant environmental databases in the world. With over twenty-five years of information, this research has influenced governments worldwide in the development of, for example, protocols to regulate acid emissions.

Professor Dillon considers Trent University to be one of the leading schools in Canada for aquatic environmental research. With the new Water Quality Center, aquatic environmental research at Trent will continue to grow and Professor Peter Dillon will continue with his award winning research.


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