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Forensic Science Degree will be offered at Trent University in 2004

Fleming College expertise contributes to curriculum

A new Forensic Science degree to be offered at Trent University in September 2004 will feature another collaboration between the University and Fleming College, and enhance Peterborough’s readiness to expand as a centre for excellence through the DNA Cluster Project.

The Forensic Science degree, which received approval from Senate at Trent University in May, is designed to provide students with an education in a fast-evolving professional field characterized by a rich integration of science and significant social and legal issues. Current DNA research and partnership activity at Trent will strongly support a curriculum unique to this forensic program.

Although the Forensic Science degree will be a Trent University degree, two courses will be designed in collaboration with Fleming College’s Centre for Law and Justice, which will be contributing six courses or approximately 20% of the degree program. The program will include a mentorship/placement for credit in second year and a choice of independent study (internship or research) or full research thesis in fourth year.

"The new Forensic Science Degree will be another boon to the region’s economic development strategy around the DNA and forensics cluster project," said Trent University President Bonnie Patterson. "It’s also another successful collaboration between Trent University and Fleming College, which we are very proud of. We anticipate a high demand from high achieving students throughout the country."

Fleming College President Brian Desbiens said that the college was pleased to further collaborate with the University in such a high profile academic endeavour. "Fleming College’s contribution to the Forensic Science degree is a perfect example of the integration of theory and practice coming together through our two institutions," he said. "Like the many other articulation agreements between Trent and Fleming, the Forensics Science degree fills a unique niche in post secondary education."

As public awareness has grown around the possibility of a Forensic Science degree program, both Trent and Fleming College have received several student and parental inquiries. Registration for the summer Forensic Science camp for high school students has been enthusiastic and indicates that the appeal of forensic science will continue. A continuing education course offered by Professor White has also been well received by its students who are inquiring about the proposed program.

The formal start date for the degree is September 2004 with an enrolment of approximately 25 - 50 students.


For more information, please contact:
Trent University
Murray Genoe, Principal Julian Blackburn College
748-1011 ext. 1296

Fleming College
Linda Skilton, Centre for Law and Justice
749-5530 ext. 1278

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