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New Support Group Offered for Upper Year Students

The Counselling Centre at Trent is pleased to offer a new support group this year called "Searching for your Authentic Self."

Geared for students experiencing challenges in attaining independence, self-confidence, assertiveness or comfort with themselves, the group will be facilitated by Dr. Kevin Nugent, consulting psychiatrist with the Counselling Centre. Dr. Nugent began working at Trent in the 2001/02 academic year and is extending the amount of time he will spend at Trent in 2002/03.

The group will feature a supportive and therapeutic environment and will help students learn more about themselves and a range of potential problematic influences. The core task for each participant will be exploring their family of origin experiences and the impact those experiences have had on personal development. A range of other issues will be discussed, including temperament and personality style, birth order, peer experiences, relationship difficulties, assertiveness skills and religious/cultural background.

Upper-year students are invited to call the Counselling Centre at 748-1386 if they are interested in participating in the session or obtaining more information. There will be a total of ten bi-weekly meetings, beginning on Wednesday, October 2 and ending Wednesday, February 26, 2003.

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