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Accession Number: 08-020


Rosemary McConkey Collection. -- 1962-1965. -- 278 slides plus other material.

Biography / History

Rosemary McConkey, M. Sc., was educated at the University of Western Ontario, Ohio State University and the University of Chicago. She holds a Master of Science degree and has worked as a dietitian, nutritionist and health educationist at such institutions as South Chicago community Hospital, Mercy hospital and Medical Center Chicago, Monreal General Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital and Peterborough Civic Hospital in Peterborough Ontario. McConkey was also Assistant Professor in the Department of Preventative Medicine at Ohio State University. She has been active in many venues as a health and nutrition consultant and teacher including being Director of Research and Development at the International Health Awareness Center in Michigan. Her last position before retirement was as Chief Therapeutic Dietician at Peterborough Civic Hospital.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of 278 slides taken by Rosemary McConkey during her work as a nutritionist in Malaya (1962) and in Nigeria (1965). McConkey was part of a team of medical personnel and scientists from the University of Ohio who undertook surveys of nutritional needs in these two areas. McConkey has supplied a detailed listing of the slides (below) and has also included a 45 r.p.m. recording of the national anthem of Malaya "Negara Ku,", six books relating to the two areas and a map of Malaya. A complete listing of all slides prepared by Rosemary McConkey is available in the Reading Room


Custodial History:
The slides, books and recording were created by Rosemary McConkey and in her possession until donated to Trent University Archives.


Immediate Source:
Rosemary McConkey


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Finding Aid

Slides are housed in a metal case. Loose in the box are the books, the 45 rpm record and the map of Malaya.

A. Malaya 1962

The Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition For National Development (ICNND), the National Institutes of Health, Education and Welfare, Washington D.C., at the invitation of the government, undertook a survey of the health and nutritional status of the civilian and military population of Malaya in 1962. The United States government provided the professional manpower for the team, the laboratory facilities and supportive manpower. The host country assembled a counterpart team to assist from those professions that the country had. The host country provided transportation to the survey team to travel to all provinces of the country. The U.S. survey team consisted mainly of physicians, and the additional professionals completing the team included dentists, biochemists and a nutritionist (Rosemary McConkey). McConkey was appointed to the team by her department chairman William Ashe M.D., Chair, Department of Preventative Medicine, Ohio State University. She had been awarded a Fellowship in Nutrition in 1960 at the Department at Ohio State. Upon completion of her graduate studies she joined the faculty of the Department of Preventative Medicine as Assistant Professor. Dr. Ashe had been on three ICNND surveys in the late 1950s and it was through his prior survey participation that McConkey was invited to serve as team nutritionist for the 1962 survey to Malaya. At the time of the survey, the Federation of Malaya was so-called, and it was not until two years later that it became Malaysia.

On completion of the survey in Malaya, the team returned to their respective institutions and positions to work on their portions of the final report. This Report was completed, published and presented to the Government of Malaya in 1963. Section "A" of the slide collection of 129 recordings was compiled by Rosemary McConkey before she donated them to Trent University Archives in 2008. The slides reflect the three months spent in Malaya recording the survey work and the travel to the four corners of the peninsular country.

B. Nigeria 1965
The Interdepartmental Committee on nutrition for National Development undertook a survey of the health and nutritional status of the civilian and military population of Nigeria in the winter of 1965. At the request of the Nigerian government, the United States government assembled a team of physicians, dentists, biochemists and nutritionists in the same way that they had for Malaya in 1962. They were sent to Nigeria for a three-month period. One week after the team left, civil war broke out in Nigeria and continued for several years. Rosemary McConkey was appointed to the team as one of the three nutritionists. This team was much larger and the survey much more extensive than the previous one in Malaya. Section "B" of the slide collection of 149 recordings was donated to Trent University Archives also in 2008. The slides reflect McConkey's three months in Nigeria as part of the survey team.