Have your say on the future of the Trent Lands


As Trent approaches its 50th anniversary, the Trent Lands Plan is being developed to ensure the University and the community continue to prosper over the next 50 years.

Starting in November 2012, many conversations were held with students, alumni, faculty and staff; the City, county and townships; and community members to discuss the possibilities for Trent's Endowment Lands. These conversations took the shape of public consultations, on-campus focus groups and targeted meetings.

Based on extensive public consultation and building on previous planning work including the 2006 Endowment Lands Master Plan, the Trent Land Use Framework Plan has been developed to outline intended general uses of the land and major infrastructure to guide decision making.

After presenting the draft plan to the University’s Board of Governors on May 31st, the University will begin to explore the potential to move forward on ideas built collectively with our partners and neighbours. The allocation of lands for the academic and research needs of the University, and discussions with the City of Peterborough about sports fields will be the initial priorities.

The links below direct you to the presentations and results from the public consultations.

Trent University would like to express sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who joined a consultation session, emailed in feedback and helped to imagine the possibilities for Trent's Endowment Lands.


Thank you to the Presidential Steering Committee on the Trent Draft Development Plan Community Consultation Process who helped guide the consultation activities, led by the The Planning Partnership.

Recognizing that the development and use of Trent Lands affects our community and local neighbours, Trent commits to open and transparent communication, except where such communication may prejudice negotiations or contravenes legislation or contracts.

As one of the guiding principles of the Trent Lands Plan is to strengthen integration, connectivity and relationships with the local community, Trent will continue to seek feedback on proposed land uses to ensure the community needs and concerns are understood. Trent will continue to rely upon public consultation processes as a mechanism to obtain timely and constructive feedback.

Final Approved Trent Lands Plan

Framework Plan (PDF)

Board of Governors Briefing Document (PDF)

Revised Guiding Principles (PDF)

Round One Materials

November 27 Community Workshop Presentation (PDF)

Aerial Map of Land Parcels (PDF)

Guiding Principles (PDF)

Structuring Elements (PDF)

What Other Universities Are Doing (PDF)
Round One Results Summary (PDF)

Round Two Materials

January 29 Community Workshop Presentation (PDF)

Round Two Results Summary (PDF)

Round Three Materials

March 19 & 20 Community Workshop Presentation (PDF)

Draft Trent Lands Plan - Demonstration Plan (jpeg)

Draft Trent Lands Plan - Framework Plan (PDF)
Round Three Results Summary (PDF)