Trent Lands Plan

The Trent Land Use Framework Plan was developed through consultations with students, staff, faculty, alumni, administration, the City of Peterborough, and the community to create a vision and to guide decision making surrounding Trent's 1,450 acres of endowment lands.

Building off previous plans (including the 1964 Mater Plan and the 2006 Endowment Lands Plan) and community feedback, the Trent Lands Plan was created in 2013. Using this framework and its guiding principles, Trent University is moving forward with developing parcels of the endowment lands to ehance the long term viability of the University; to futher the economic, recreational, social and cultural development of the region; and to provide desirable amenities for our nighbours.


Read President Leo Groarke's editorial in the Peterborough Examiner "Trent has a role to play as the north end grows" (January 22, 2015)

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Sale of Parcel 2B
The Trent Lands Plan, approved by the Trent University Board of Governors, outlined the development of several parcels of land. The University confirmed in July that the final sale for the property at Woodland Acres and Highway 28 (known as 2B) is complete. Future plans for potential retail and professional space are in the hands of the developer. 

Expression of Interest: Arena

In Spring 2014, Trent University submitted an expression of interest to the City of Peterborough to be included as one of several sites being considered for the City’s new twin-pad arena.

Ball Diamond
The City of Peterborough has expressed interest in developing a baseball diamond in the north end of Peterborough on Trent University’s endowment lands. The site immediately north of Pioneer Road at East Bank Drive is currently the preferred site. Trent and the City are discussing next steps.

Trent Lands Plan Community Consultations

In 2012-2013, we asked the Trent and Peterborough communities to help us "Imagine the Possibilities" for the endowment lands, through three rounds of public consultations. Starting with "blue-sky" ideas, each session dug deeper into how the endowment lands should be used to meet the needs of the University and the community. The final plan was approved by Trent's Board of Governors in May 2013.

Final Approved Trent Lands Plan

Framework Plan (PDF)

Board of Governors Briefing Document (PDF)

Revised Guiding Principles (PDF)

Round One Materials

Round Two Materials

Round Three Materials


Water Street Residences

Phase II of the Water Street Residences, recently named Campus Heights, is underway as outlined by the Endowment Lands Master Plan.

Phase II will comprise a mix of first-year and upper-year students, with programming by residence life staff, and Dons living on-site, providing the oversight and mentoring for a positive residential experience. First-year students in the Phase II Water Street Residence will be affiliated with Champlain College, as part of the Champlain College Annex.

Master Plans

1964 Master Plan

2004 Athletics Master Plan (PDF)

2006 Endowment Lands Master Plan