Glossary: Reserve Readings

These are readings that have been put aside at the Library for a course. They could be photocopies of articles, lecture notes, entire books, or anything that the course instructor wants to have readily available to the class. They can by physical or digital (online).

Physical (hard-copy) Reserves are kept behind the Circulation Desk and can be signed out for a short time period - usually 3 hours. To obtain a Reserve Reading, look it up in TOPCAT to get the call number. Take the call number to the Circulation Desk and they'll give you the item.

Digital (online) Reserves are available through E-Reserves. To access them, go to E-Reserves, find your course, and enter the username/password provided by your course instructor.  These items are only available to students currently registered in the course.

Not all course readings are available through the Library.  Check your LearningSystem (Blackboard) course site to see if they're posted there. There may also be a Coursepack for your course.

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